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Cutty Sark by Parsifal - Sergal - 1:78

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Hello Giancarlo. Beautiful work up to now.It is a pity that you do not show your build from the very beginning.I have the intention to build a Cutty Sark in future. I have the Campbell plans 1:128 from the NMM in London as well as the Mantua 1:78 plans .You know the building logs of Nenad and Lou van Wijhe already? I'll follow your log with interest. Richard.

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Some add to Richard word


My log until now is how not to make mistakes I do. Interesting part still wait to come


Real research is done by Lou. Also Bob (rfolsom) has interesting and inspirative log.

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I especially like the outside bulwark plating details, and how their effect is still seen after painting.  What is the thickness dimension of your bulwarks, and what do you use to plate the outsides, if you don't mind me asking...  Also, your ship's scale?


Awesome job!!



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Giancarlo, this build is simply beautiful and your attention to detail is terrific.

Puts my own effort in the shade, but I will continue as best I can and some day you will see her sailing the pacific!!!


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