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BlueJacket's USS Olympia


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Just because there's no log going on, doesn't mean it hasn't been built..  seems though that they only made 100 of them.  Wow.. that will be rare.  


edit:  Found one in the gallery:  http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/gallery/album/135-bluejackets-uss-olympia-kit/


I'd say give it some more time to get an answer... might be some others who have build this.

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I'm half-way through it, and have seen your posts on the Yahoo forum.  As you stated correctly, plan #5 is too big to do the bow as the solid hull is 1/2" too short.  Actually, the over-all lengh of the kit vs the actual ship scales out to 1/2" too short, so you have three options:


I.  If you want to bring it to the correct O/A length glue a block to the stern, use plan #5 and shape away.


II.  If you don't care about the incorrect O/A length, remove 1/2" between frames 9  - 11 on plan #5 and shape away


II.  Or, and again if you don't care about the correct O/A length, use the deck plan as you correctly surmised to shape it


However, you will need the deck plan later when adding the bitts, chocks, catheads, etc, to the deck, so be very careful not to damage it, or take it to Kinkos to have it reproduced.


I hope this helps?




Current Builds:


BlueJacket's Olympia

1/350 USS Biddle

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This looks like it will be a very impressive model. The original ship is rusting away in Philly harbor waiting for a rich angel to save it. I've been on it several times and have thought about building the plastic kit that is available. The limited production nature of your project will provide you something very exclusive when you are done. Good luck with the hul shape and deck.

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Thanks Scott. Did you add the block above the plug, or remove the plug and add the block the full height of the stern? One thing though is that guys who have added the block found, I believe it is the 01 level too short. Have you run into this problem?

Chris, I do belong to the Olympia forum and was hoping Al would chime in.

D'Brat, thanks. I hope I don't mess this up.

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I removed the plug, but did not shape it, leaving me with a flat surface to make the addition to.  I then glued a block of basswood to the stern at the level of the deck, and using epoxy putty as a filler, faired it into the hull.


To get the 01 deck right I picked up a set of the builder's plans from Floating Drydock, so I was able to make adjustments where they were called for.

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