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  1. Thank you for the reminder. I did not do a full count of the little bits even though I knew that I should. I've not been building for a couple of months but I will definitely do the count when I get back to it (hopefully) soon. When you were short where did you order the replacements? My kit came from a local hobby shop so I don't have a mail-order distributor to use.
  2. Thank you. Your build looks great. I have not been able to work on my for a while but hope to be back at the "shipyard" soon. I'm sure I will have a lot of questions then. One questions that I already have is how you tapered the bow before planking. Did you shape it to a vee first then planked it and then squared it off to glue on the final stem piece or did you glue the stem piece on before planking and then notched it to accept the planks? Not sure if I'm describing it clearly but I know the instructions do not cover that.
  3. Does anyone else look at this topic first thing to see what's new and inspirational? And are you disappointed like me if the update is just a non-informational comment like this one? My stash is building up for the day when Chris' newest design hits the market.
  4. I had to go back twice to see the date you started. You make planking look fast and easy. You even mastered the bluff bow. Is every plank nailed?
  5. You dig a great job with it for a first time. The veneer looks so fragile. I would probably have had a very costly wad of wood at the end.
  6. Very impressive. Everywhere you look there is more detail. Did you have many "Oh, Drat" moments attaching the wood veneer to the deck? It looks totally smooth.
  7. Very impressive kit. Are you planning on leaving the acre of wood planking just varnished or are you painting the hull?
  8. Even after all those months lurking I never knew about clicking on the photo. Thank you. Now I'm even more impressed with the details of the PE on this build.
  9. Hi Jack You are moving fast but after two full careers you certainly deserve the leisure time. Should we tell the rest of the forum about our weather today in AZ? Other than the trimming you mentioned did you try to loosen the fit of the frames on the keel at all so you could adjust the squareness with the Lego blocks or did you rely on the pre-cut snug fit of the pieces? How well is the keep clamp working for you?
  10. Do you have to warm the paint can to get the finest spray or does just the shaking prevent any splatters. You must have a verrrry steady hand to draw lines around the tiny bits. Do0 you have any before and after close ups of the detailiing effect?
  11. What's your painting technique to keep the minute detail crisp? It looks great in the pictures.
  12. Lots of natural wood planking and no rigging. Sounds like a winner to me. This one or a Dumas Chris Craft is on my long list. I will follow closely.
  13. Your log is definitely inspiring me to keep moving forward on the Bluenose that I started recently. If you don't mind I will be going over all of your older pages as well as the newer ones to try to keep me from going down the rabbit hole of trying to figure everything out for myself. The AL kit that I have is different in supplied pieces but I will be trying to get the details right just like you did.
  14. After reading the manuals a few times I finally started on the actual assembly. The laser cut framing was very cleanly done and only took a few pushes with the knife to cut the little tabs that held the pieces to the large sheet. I particularly like that every piece is numbered and the false keel is numbered where each piece goes. That makes assembly almost foolproof. We'll see how far "almost" goes in the future. The central false keep does have a curve in it but does not seem to have a twist. That piece was both curved and twisted on my HMS Supply kit so I built up a little sup
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