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Need sharp scissors

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I use a brand called Dr. Slick.  They are made for fly tying and are available in sporting good stores like Cabela's and Sportsman's Warehouse.  They also make small nippers that are excellent for trimming lines around blocks.  Less then $8 each.

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Any reccos regarding where to buy or which brands of scissors are best for cutting fine line from the ends of blocks, etc. I always seem to end up with frayed ends.

Go to one of the fabric shops. Those ladies have used and know more about scissors than I can recommend.

I did and love the one I have. Brand?? I don't know, but it works fine on everything I cut.


Then there is the little (expensive) tool my mother-in-law gave me for Christmas. But that is another thread.

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Mine are called Dovo, a German make. Got them from an embroidery shop and they were not cheap.

What I like is that they, like me, are left-handed so I actually see what I am cutting. And the cutting edges are micro-serrated, keeping the thread from sliding when you cut.



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Hi, a lot of modellers also use nail clippers for this job as the curved and bevelled cutting edges allow a close 'nip'.  If you prefer scissors, then a trip to a nearby sewing supplier might be helpful as they could demo a few pair to you to ensure you get what you need?  I also use a pair of shears (about 2.5 to 3 inches long I got from a sewing machine shop (also should be available from any sewing supplier) which are essentially a mini-version of shears.  these fit the hand well, have a very sharp edge and a very point tip which allows me to get in close.





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