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Le Renommee by EuroModel


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    I received shipment of the Le Renommee kit directly from the Italian  manufacturer EuroModel in quick fashion......actually took only a couple days to reach my hometown. A glitch with the local couriers delayed things a few more days (partly because of a weekend) but I can now present the contents to anyone interested. I hope to start construction and a log as soon as my WVH (by Corel) is done....(I've made solemn vows with her).
   While costly, the EuroModel kit is superb with respect to the quality of components and the plans are detailed and comprehensive. A major effort is underway by the manufacturer  to lessen the burden with the language barrier and provide direct  translations of ship related terminology. Also, "interpretive files" and references for the various ships available thru Euromodel are available at the website. I hope to mimic the achievements of one particular build represented in the customer galleries, also found at the website...just like any kit or scratchbuild, the effort and time invested is generally revealed later when viewed by those who express some interest.th

   Images with comments to follow.....



A safe and secure package

post-481-0-29549000-1395279228_thumb.jpgNo lack of plans here!











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Nigel, my notes on the Euromodel website for the  LaRenommee need some updating and adding to so I will be looking forward to your comments during the build - and any helpful criticism on what I have done so far. It is a beautiful and different ship, so enjoy.


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Greetings Ponto,


I built their Ajax. Really nice kit. The only issues were that not nearly enough rigging line had been provided, or blocks to rig the guns properly. The plans were very detailed, which included some items that were located below decks, shot racks, etc. I assume you are an experienced builder, so the the plans should be all you need. The instructions were minimal for my kit, but adequate. Euromodel kits are for experienced builders, so buyers should not expect a step by step instruction manual with pictures or many preformed parts. I expect you will have to scratch build many components, but the plans show these items in detail.



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Thanks everyone for looking in,... and I plan to provide a more detailed review when I crack everything open and start the build log. With so many detailed and wonderful longs in progress I just hope I'm able to maintain the standard that seems to be constantly increasing here at MSW.......Cheers.



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