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US Constellation 1798 by Jwvanost - Artesania Latina - Scale 1:85 - 2nd real wooden ship build

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Ok, so here goes my first attempt at a build log.  I'm hoping you all enjoy my posts and I will try and update it regularly. 


This is a bit late in the proccess as I have already gotten the first set of planks down and the deck planking is done and sealed.  I am doing some kit bashing as noted in the title.  I have read lots of negatives about this specific kits mostly related to the accuracy so rather than focus on getting it authentic I figured I would go for making it mine.  My first changes to the stock kit were in the planking.  I decided to buy some better wood than the Sapele that comes with the kit and got some Pear veneer.  I stripped it down, and also made them a little bigger at 6.5mm instead of the 5mm that comes with the kit.  I thought the wider strips looked a little better.  For the lighter wood planking along the lower gundeck I went with Birch.  I liked the color and its a pretty good wood to work with.   I actually used an "odd" technique for cutting my strips.  I will post pictures of this later if I get a chance.  Below are the pictures of where I currently am on the boat, midway through the second layer planking.  Any and all comments and tips are welcome and thanks for taking a look.



Also a pic of my work bench.






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Thanks Michael.  It's actually kindof ironic that you post that because I'm originally from SW Ohio between Cincy and Dayton.  Small world.


So as noted in my first post, I'm listing some of the pictures outlining my homemade plank making technique.



This is a $20 paper cutter I got from michaels




The next few pictures show some pear veneer that is .6mm thick




As you can see I lay it under the cutting head and press it down at the width I want to cut and then Cut it.  What I get is a straigh planked stripped right at the 6.5mm width I'm aim for.




It does take a little time to get used to the cutting technique on it to keep it straight, and it's by no means as accurate as a top in saw like Byrnes.  But if your budge is tight its not bad.  You can get veneer in lots of diffent species of wood at woodcraft or rockler, etc.  The biggest draw back is that you are limited in the length as this specific cutter only strips down pieces 12" long. I've also found I get a cleaner cut if I make 3-4 back and forth passes, it also lengthens the life of the blade.  It's worked well for deck planking and I'm not really having any issues with the hull planking either.  Let me know what you all think or if you have any questions.

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Hmm... 'Go Buckeyes'????  Then I see where you're from.  I'm originally from Dayton.. very small world.   Good luck on the Constellation build.


BTW, <inserts joke>  Do you know what a buckeye is?   It's a round, poisonous nut.  Don't fool with them.  :D  :D :D  :D  

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