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A question for you Plank On Bulkhead kit builders.

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I would definitely prefer more bulkheads. But more bulkheads come at a cost too - they need to be carefully positioned otherwise it would be difficult to cut out some gunports!

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  If you look at the stem and stern area, it is advisable to use balsa blocks to aid in glueing the planks on. I always found these areas more trouble than the long runs.

 Some builders I know, say they get a starved horse look between bulkheads and use blocks as well there.

 If you glue blocks in, shaping the bulkheads does become easier. But personally I think its more work than I want to do.


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In a word YES.I am now full convert to full timber infill of the lower hull.Even if you plank the model and don't have dips or flatspots,they can appear years later if the model is subject to a humidity change.Lots of bulkheads would cure this,but on a kit,it is easier to 'fill and fair' than add more bulkheads.Many Eastern European,Ukranian and Russian masters infill their hulls or use a design that creates a semi solid hull,so it is certainly more than just me that believes there is mileage in this technique.


Kind Regards



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Manufacturers put just enough to get a shape.  This helps to keep the cost down.  However over the years I have found that filling in between the bulkeads makes for a better gluing surface.  You can also now easily visualize how the finished hull will look and make symmetrical.

David B

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