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Round nose pliers

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I am getting ready to start making hooks for my gun carriages and feel I need a set of Round Nose pliers that go smaller than what I currently own. I have a pair from Ottofrei.com that go down to 1.0mm. Lindstrom ha the RX7590 that go down to 0.7mm (0.027") Before I spend the $80.00 does anybody know of a set of round nose pliers that is smaller?


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Mark, great call! Thanks. I stopped in at my favorite LHS and they didnt have any but Hobby Lobby did. $8.00/pair. They are nowhere near the quality of my "good" pair but out of the box the smallest point (they are not consistent) was 0.037" A bit of reworking and I should be good. Of course if I grumble enough the better half will get santa to bring me the good ones.  ;)




I real quickly made one hook with the pliers straight out of the box and it looks pretty good. Maybe just a tad large. but I think I can "live " with it.






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