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Undoing glue on paper/card


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I've got a  glue tab (from frame to keel) going the wrong way at the keel.  It should fold aft but I put it in forward and it's got the frame out of line.  I'm looking for the best way to undo it and turn it around and the get frame to lie fair.  It's Scotch brand Tacky Glue a white glue that tacks up in about a minute.  The paper is a finished (kind of glossy) heavy paper or light card.  I'm loathe to soak it or steam it for fear of getting separations in the four layer laminated keel. Any hints?  





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Glue up some scrap and test.  Alcohol works on PVA, and acetone of CA.  I'm not sure what the Tacky Glue is.

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Alcohol makes sense.  It might flash off before wrecking the underlying paper.  Testing on scrap makes sense as well.  I should have thought of that.


Sticky Glue,  Alenes is the best known,  is popular in cloth and paper crafts.  It's a PVA (white)  glue that is thicker and sets up faster than garden variety white glues.  Because it's thicker, it doesn't run and as an example on these tabs,  I get about 15 seconds before it starts to grab and I can safely start on the next frame after a minute or so.  Clean up is, as usual with water or cutting away while still in a gel state.  Unfortunately my tab cured out about 3 weeks ago.


thanks for the tips and thanks for pointing me in the right direction one topic up.



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