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Storing Wipe-on-Poly

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I bought a 1 litre can of Satin Wipe-on-Poly.  Any tips on how best to keep it fresh?


It's awkward trying to use it directly from the can, and the plastic spout on this worries me every time I unscrew it.


I have tried dispensing it into small glass jars (old mustard jars etc), but the seal is not good, so it dries out or goes everywhere when you shake it up.


What do you guys do?





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I have yet to use a full can before having to throw it away.  Th e plastic top gets crusty and the poly gets thicker over time.   I end up buying a new one every six months.  So I am very interested as well.



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MARBLES.  Use cheap easily obtained marbles to keep air out of the can.  As the liquid is used up drop marbles into the can to keep the fluid right up to the top of the can.  As to ease of use I would suggest a smaller container like the plastic or glass jars sold for airbrush use - they come with caps.  Dispense a small amount into the small jar and add marbles to the big can.  I use a cheap soft plastic pipette to transfer liquids out of bigger containers into smaller containers - no need to worry about the marbles pouring out.


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I've also heard that storing paints/poly's/etc upside down (make real sure the lid is tight) will do the same thing.


It keeps the liquid seal around the opening and makes the container 100% airtight.


I've always stored my model paints upside down and seems to work with them.

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I agree with Kurt.  By far the most important thing is to keep air out of the can.  When using wipe on poly for finishing furniture, I will use a propane torch to blow a little propane into the can, displacing the oxygen, before sealing.  Never had any poly skin over when I do this.  The marble idea will work also.



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Thanks all - time to test these ideas!





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Inverting the bottles works, too. Some old square Floquil bottles, too. But, I will stir the  heck out of the paint and maybe even strain it before using it.


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