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anticut gloves

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My anti cut gloves arrived yesterday.  I ordered the larges side they had.  At first glance they resemble the throw away gloves that they use at work.  However, when i looked them over they were thicker material and all Kelvar.  The material looks like it was knitted.  This could be good or bad depending on your point of view.  I have a pair of heavy duty gloves I use for work and after a short time my hands start getting clammy and because they are thick my sense of touch is dulled.  This is important when you are using a blade that can fillet a fish very easily and are working to tight tolerances,  A miscut can be expensive.  I wore them yesterday and tested them out.  My hands were not clammy and because of the PVC dots on the surface helped to keep everything secure.  Because of the weave they will not protect your hands from splinters or a piercing cut.  But they should do well.  For the occasional mishap.  I remember back home there was a gentleman who lived near us who did wood carving for a hobby.  He had a mishap while going through the part he encountered a hard spot and then a soft one,  Needless to say his wife was more upset than he was.  35 stitches later and about 6 months of therapy he was as good as new,  the blade went through and hit the side of his hand and cut the flesh to almost to the bone.  He said it was his own fault because he was holding the part in his hand without wearing protection.  He would have gone through the glove but it would have slowed or stopped it from doing damage that kept his hand motionless and bandaged for about a month.  Fortunately his son was old enough to work the farm while he was incapacitated.  Some will laugh at me but I have been around sharp tools most of my life and I got tired wearing finger guards all the time.  Thus speaks a guy who has been nicked several times.


David B





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When I was working making and repairing aircraft composite components we had a pair of "butchers gloves" in our workshop. They were made from Stainless Steel link chain just like the old Medieval Armour but much finer. Lightweight,comfortable to wear and both blade and saw proof. Wish I still had a pair as I have had a few scars since :rolleyes: 


Dave :dancetl6:  

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Needless to say my first smart move   The old adage soft wood hard spot then soft equals ouch happened.  The blade went through the length and hit the back of my hand.  The glove stopped the blade and saved me the hassle of going to the emergency ward and the complications from my meds and the wrath of my dear suffering sister.  Hurray for having them on!

David B

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