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I've been looking at buying this book and possibly another in the series (Pandora). Amazon lists both 1988 and 2004 editions for Diana (second hand). The 1988 editions run from $16 to $66 (US), while the 2004 are $88-$237!


Is the 2004 edition that much better?




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Thanks Mark.


It seems the 2004 version is a reprint from a different publisher and has a different ISBN according to Amazon. Author and number of pages is the same. The 2004 version also has "detailed plans" on the back of the dust jacket. AbeBooks lists both versions with the same ISBN priced from $13 to $99.


I've ordered the 1988 version along with Pandora from the same series.


I've an idea for my next project that I'll be using these as reference material. Plus they'll be interesting. Plus you can never have too many books :) .



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