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  1. Slocum's SPRAY: I remembered this article https://www.boatdesign.net/threads/slocum-s-spray.30617/page-26 and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sailing_Alone_Around_the_World See Reference link. Bob
  2. There is a plan in the NMM. Belle Poule fl.1780 (French, captured) ZAZ3117 J6627 An image can be seen here: https://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/82908.html Sister Ships DÉDAIGNEUSE 1776, AMPHITRITE 1768, TOURTERELLE 1770 Also: Catalogue des Plans - Les Archives de la Marine 2030 Page 176 Frégate << La Belle Poule >>. << Construite à Bordeaux en 17.. par M GUIGNACE. L'Enphitrite & La Tourterelle ont pareillement été faites à Baux par le même ingénier .. Non signé ni daté [vers 1764].
  3. A hint on serving: "Worm and parcel with the lay, Turn and serve the other way." From Longridge page 209 - SERVING AND WORMING. Bob.
  4. Egyptian Oars and Vessel: Jenkins, Nancy, The Boat Beneath The pyramid (King Cheops' Royal Ship), 1980, Thames and Hudson Ltd., London, ISBN 0-03-057061-1 The reconstruction of a dismantled complete vessel which was found in a large covered stone pit at the base of the great Pyramid in 1954. Length 43.4 metres, beam 5.9 metres, depth (aft of midships) 1.78 metres, draught 1.48 metres. Bob
  5. I Like your books. Especially Witsen, Tasman Ships and Dutch Merchant ships (Text and plans). Regards, Bob.
  6. Rigging sizes Noel C L Hackney in HMS Victory Classic Ships No 1 by Airfix, 1970 gives a variation on method of calculating sizes (counting rather than measuring). He made marks on a pencil 1 inch apart. He then wound the line around the pencil, counting the number of turns to fill 1 inch. Calculating back (or using a small spreadsheet) gives the circumference. His results as printed for Airfix Victory - Scale 173 Thread or line size TPI Rope size (inches) Scale 173 12 lb 3-strand nylon salmon line 38 14
  7. The voyage pattern changes at different times of the year. One of the major concerns are the currents. They can assist or slow a vessel. See 9.42.02 Brazilian coast. The vessels follow the sailing directions below. The follow is from:Ocean Passages For The World; Third Edition 1973; Published by the Hydrographer of the Navy; NP136; To be obtained from the Agents for the Sale of Admiralty Charts. Taunton. This book and attached charts contains directions for Power Vessels, and Sailing Routes. These charts concern sailing vessels. Chart 5308 - World Sailing Ship Routes.
  8. Also ARDENT (1764), BELLIQUEUX (1780), NASSAU (1785), RAISONABLE (1768) and STATELY (1784), based on the French FOUGUEUX according to Lyon. Bob.
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