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mk1 design versus pontos?


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g'day all, can anyone tell me the difference between the upgrade kit for the trumpeter bismark 1:200 please? most pics seem very similar but the pontos kit seems a little cheaper (and as we all know cheap isn't necessarily better).


cheers chris



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I bought the KA mk-1 full kit for the 1/200 trumpeter bismarck, nice detail, but guess work required where 50% of it goes

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I just have the Pontos for the Bismark.Thier first set,I still have to get theiur second set for the Bismark.

I would rank Pontos as the number one company for details and quality for the Bismark and other sets in 1/200 and 1/350 and with thier photos and drawing sheets in color make sence of all of the parts and locations,which the other makers do not have.. The wood decks are also the correct style with the correct edge nibbing of the planks.


I just wish that Pontos did a 1/200 set for the Arizona. I have the Mrk 1 PE and wood decks.


Now I have been building wooden ship models for over the past year,with these kits above put back on the waiting to continue shelf.



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For more detail on the Pontos 1/200 Trumpeter Bismarck visit the ModelWarShip Forum  - follow this link: http://www.shipmodels.info/mws_forum/index.php. Go to modelwarship.com General Forum, Manufacturers and Suppliers, and click on Pontosmodel 1/200 Bismarck Detail Up set Kit. The best summary for the present 1/200 Bismarck kits from Pontos is the following (copied from this forum):


This is worthy of a repost!
With thanks to "Timmy C"

23001F1 Basic Set: 
1st version of the Basic Set that did not contain any corrections. 
This has been discontinued, and replaced with 23001F2.

23001F2 Basic Set: 
2nd version of the Basic Set, containing all of the corrections. 
This is what is currently being sold.

21001F1 Add-On Set: 
has all-new parts, but does NOT contain parts from the Basic Set (which is why it's cheaper). 
When you combine the Add-On Set (21001F1) with a Basic Set (23001F1), you get...

27001F1 Advanced Set: 
The whole enchilada... the most complete (and most expensive) set containing all of the Pontos parts you can possibly get.
The Advanced Set contains all parts of a Basic Set (23001F1 or 23001F2) + Add-On Set (21001F1)

Glenn Cauley 
Ottawa, Canada
Go to page 37 and start reading from there - the previous post are basically history in the development and final availability of the latest upgrade/advanced kit.
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