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Dos Amigos by ship wizard - FINISHED - OcCre - 1:53

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haha my little cousin (age of 3). also very interested in modeling.. so it was a great experience for him just to assist with tools (not to speak about painting, bonding or something else).By the way, its positive thing to show kids how interesting hobby this can be :)

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Hard for me is easy to somebody. Easy for me is hard for somebody ....


Generaly, I think scratch build is harder than kit building, POF is harder than POB, more details are harder than less details, more rigging is harder than less. But you can always give more complication to model than it have to be. Sometime it depends of your ambition VS your skills.


What to say ... if you like challenge, and have great patience and a lot of time without un/neccessary hurry, nothing is hard ... is my Star of India hard? Year ago - yes. Now, I dont think so if you want to put 2 hours of work on table ...


Another Cutty ? I'd like that, but ... somebody likes sails, somebodyikes cannons, somebody likes galleys somebody likes nice hull lines


Please let me know about your next log, and hope to see you arround



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