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Nautical History Podcast

Justin P.

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If anyone is interested, Apple is currently featuring a serial podcast devoted entirely to Maritime and Naval History.   Ive listened to the first episode and found it very well produced and an interesting listen.  Think of it like a well organized hour long lecture on things Maritime, Nautical and Naval in nature.   


Seems to also follow in a logical way.   I dont think you need a iphone or mac to listen. 


Go Here:  http://navalhistorypodcast.com/

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Another I came across after it was originally shared by someone on a Facebook group for wood ship models.   This is a great episode of Preble Hall, and this episode is entirely on Model Ships.  https://www.usna.edu/Museum/PrebleHall/index.php#panel6.    Episode 13.  


Also, a bit more on the volunteers who work in the Ship Model Shop...   I suspect some members of MSW might be working there. 


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