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Introductory Book?


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I've been thinking about trying my hand at an RC boat.  A tug- not a speed boat.


Problem is, I am completely ignorant of where to start- from hull sealing to hull penetrations for the prop shaft. 

Is there a book that I could read to get into this? 


My google searches are not being productive.


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I have to agree about the R C forum but a book for beginning I like this one.


"Working scale model Merchant Ships"  by Tom Gorman  Published by Naval Institute Press.





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Hi Popjack...

There are plenty of books on radio control and build, they all have their own slant to method.

It might be a first call to see how others are building on Youtube and have a think on ....

plank on frame or moulded hull...!

Some build from scratch,, a set of plans and build as you go, working out when to put the prop shaft in and when to seal the hull for water proofing.

I read an article in the magazine Model Boats on how to build a 1930 Australian Tug boat, got the plans and set about the build...

Twelve months later it is still under construction.


Hope this has been of some help,


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I list a number of R/C and model ship books at my blog (an Amazon list actually):



John Cox's book is my number one recommendation if you want just one R/C beginner's book, readily available through Amazon and Traplet pubs.


BTW, I also hang out and contribute heavily at RC Groups (Boats)... there is even a section dedicated to "Scale Sail".



We model FUNCTION as well as FORM!  If your ship doesn't move or get wet, you've left out a major part of the model, eh? 

Edited by Pat Matthews
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There is/was a special interest book titled Radio Control in Model Boats 4th ed by John Cundell. Published by

"Special Interest Model Books ltd"

PO Box 327 Poole Dorset

BH15 2RG.

ISBN 978-1-85486-231-0

The book itself is dated published in 1988

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