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The three yellow figured pieces of wood on the left. I placed A piece of yellow heart next to them on the right to maybe help? The figured wood has a very tight grain, almost no visible pores, where the yellow heart has easily noticed open pores. The mystery wood is also noticeably heavier/denser. I would love any help that could be provided.post-1401-0-81495100-1420778220_thumb.jpg

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I agree, could be Pau Marfim, also with the higher figure it looks like it could be a type of satinwood, maybe this? http://www.wood-database.com/lumber-identification/hardwoods/movingui/ but I dont think that would be that much denser than the Yellowheart, If it is East Indian Satinwood that would account for the density and very tight grain and figure but that stuff is pretty rare and very $$$$$  - cool if it is that.   In any case I use that database to ID and research a lot of woods, they also have a good article on satinwoods



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