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Lanyards for rigging hearts

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I feel like I've always rigged hearts incorrectly. Every rigging manual, photo, instructions etc... is unclear. Where does the lanyard begin and where does it terminate? Most photos and diagrams just show the lanyard reeving back and forth, but not the termination on each end. I've generally taken the excess on the free end up the stay like the tail of a deadeye lanyard, but none seem to show that. I usually attach the fixed end to the strop for the heart. 




Historic Ship Models






Chuck's Syren instructions


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The laniard is started with an eye spliced through the heart.  In practice as each turn was hove taut it was nippered or seized to the previous turns and additional turns were taken until the laniard was expended with the end either made fast around the stay or the collar.  Another way to secure the end was to seize it to one of the turns.  

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Thanks gents.


The last picture Chuck posted clearly shows the splice around the heart, but even in that on I can't see where the free end gets stopped. drawing seems to show it stopped to the previous turn with a whipping.


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