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HMS TRITON by Sir Blue Henry - POB - 1/32 - Full Hull

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Hi All.

Here's the re-posting of the work I did up till April 2008.

I need to first finish my Stern Trawler, but will then get back into this build

I had downloaded I think just about everything that had been posted on MSW up till that time, which was a fair bit.

So all the photos and so on are here.

Pity about the loss of text but anyway, we can add comment as we go and pick up.




This first pic is where I was up to and thats exactly where it is now


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Well thats where it was. The preparation of a false keel for temporary fixing during the planking process.

The need to find good wood for the frames above the deck line.

My build was planned to be POB below deckline and POF above deckline or something like that as far as I remember.

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Nice to see this reposting. Another person that changed scale. I'm trying to do the cross section in 1:24. At 1:48 the whole ship is going to be large enough for me. That's about 35 inches from what I understand. At 1:32 about what is the length going to be? Good Luck on the building and I look forward to seeing more.


Later 42rocker

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Welcome back! I think we started a similar  build on a different scale (I'm on 1:72 lot smaller). You have a different approach on the POB, interesting it is. I will follow your build and I will hope to learn something from it.   

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Hi again

Cant believe how 2 years can fly by

I have been busy on various model projects  - but mostly the last year has been taken up by my little boy arriving on the scene. He is now 13 months and a lovely cheerful (most of the time) fellow.


I have no intentions of getting to the Triton for the next 2 years or so - but by no means do i want to abandon it. I do feel it was a pity that i couldnt keep the progress going but thats life, marriage and children ...

I have to get my Stern Trawler done first and that will take a bit of time.


My intentions with the Triton - display it in my model building room - or even in the lounge - in a strong and safe cabinet - which would be pretty huge. Yes i want to do all the rigging and not skimp an any aspects - except for 1 - which was why i was doing POB below deckline and POF above. I wanted to save on a large amount of time by simply being able to get the lower half of the Hull done without having to do frames - and i was not going to do cutaway - so you would never see. The attachment of Frames above deckline to the bulkheads below deckline was going to be an interesting part of the build - but not too difficult. It would just involve adding a few bits of strengthening crossmembers at various points as needed - one the hull was planked, by which time it would be incredibly strong already.


I need to look through the builds and see who has completed a Triton in the last 6 years or so

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