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Tracing light-box

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hi Everyone,


I am reading Donald Dressel's "Planking Techniques for Model Ship Builders", in which he describes a box with a glass top, lit from within, which can be used to trace drawings or to inspect pieces by holding them over the lit-up drawing.   I thought this would be a useful device, and also one that my kids would have some fun with (tracing pictures and such) so I built a 1'x1' tracing box.  Please see below.  I went with a battery powered LED light that can be inserted into the large opening in the side of the box.  The drawing shown below is of the Crabbing Skiff I recently built, and is shown in the photo with a piece of regular ole printer paper on top of it.  Box is built from scrap 1/2" MDF and 1/4" plywood bottom with 1/4" plexiglass top.





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Have a light box that has a clear glass top 27" X 37" using 4 florescent tubes, commercially made that I acquired years ago as surplus, think it was USACE. It was mostly used to bring out the lines and lettering on old blue line copies or sepia prints of old surveys so the data could be gone over with pencil and used. Also has been used for artsy things to large to hold up to a window for tracing. Your kids should have some fun with the box you made. Keeping mine around, I might be using it.


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I got an X-Ray light box from a vet and have used it many times as well as loaned it out to fellow club members.  With the move to digital x-ray viewing there are lots of excess light boxes out there.  Ask you vet or Dr.  I have even seen them at garage sales and some time ago saw one at the Goodwill store.  Their lighting is very even.


If you make one from plate glass like the one initially shown in this thread you can stretch a translucent panel across the supports below the glass to even the light out.  A fluorescent light panel works as does a white shower curtain type of material - which also works as a diffuser for photographic lights.



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