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  1. Thanks Steve, I will do a search and see if I can find it
  2. I am attempting for the first time to put copper plates on the hull of my Syren (actually I have started this process over 3 times already). I have looked through all the logs I can find through searching, which have copper plated hulls, and I have looked at many photos of the completed process, but I am at a loss on how to actually put the plates on the hull in the proper way. I have the copper tape, I have the plates made, but following the curve of the hull seems to be a major issue. Either I get my rows going too straight, or I can't seem to keep the proper curve going. Does anyone have any in-process photos of how they get the curve, and keep the plates on it correctly? Any help or suggestions would be most welcome.
  3. I am flabbergasted, and saddened beyond belief. My friend is gone....I cannot express how much I will miss him, all his PMs to check on me, and help me keep a smile on my face and desire for the hobby in my heart. My heart is heavy, the only thing to help assuage the grief is the knowledge that he went peacefully and quickly, I can only hope he is watching me from above and will continue to drive me to continue. May your soul fly free as your planes my friend, you are missed <3 Robbyn
  4. I know exactly what you are going through Scott. Started gutting the kitchen in my 100 year old farm house the day after Thanksgiving, finally "finished" (still have all the trim to put up) the 16th of May. Left for a 2 week European vaca, and then came home and began gutting the bathroom....only 4 more rooms to go lol.
  5. Welcome aboard, I do hope you enjoy your build!
  6. Welcome Cathead, I really look forward to seeing what you have created!
  7. Welcome aboard. I do believe you will find a plethora of information to tickle those senses in the pages here. Plenty of info to keep you interested for years!
  8. Welcome Virgil, I am sure you will find everything you are looking for here and more. Enjoy your time with our happy little group!
  9. welcome birdman, i look forward to seeing you kit bash the endeavor...that is one of my dream ships
  10. Welcome Jim, I am sure you will find this a valuable site for information, as well as encouragement. I look forward to seeing a build log of your Victory!
  11. Welcome Bill, yes check out those topics the others posted for you on basic tools. Remember you don't need to buy everything up front either. If you are like the rest of us you will continue to add to your tool collections as different needs come up
  12. 4 years US Army, 1st gulf war vet
  13. Welcome, glad you found us. This is the perfect place for the info you need to get started!
  14. Lovely work, hope to see even more, and so glad you stepped forward!
  15. Welcome John! Yes there is ample material here to keep one engrossed for years! I look forward to seeing your additions