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    Now it is: Gardening, and a Model Ship Builder want to be.

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  1. I have so many Grow Covers in my yard, it looks like there is a KKK Convention going on.
  2. Me too. That's the toughest line I have ever seen in my life. What's really nice is that when you cut it, there is no fraying. I wish I could find a manufacturer that makes a smaller diameter.
  3. We are still getting frosts in the mornings, but the Grow Covers are doing their work. Peas, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, and Radishes are all breaking ground.
  4. I haven't tried it., but you might be able to dye the white. So far I have only worked with the black.
  5. Stiffness and fraying example between #5 Seine Line with equivalent diameter Kit Line 050.
  6. I have been using the material for years. I have spools in multiple diameters. I only wish that it was available in a little smaller diameter. I emailed the Everson Line Company and asked them if they could provide some line smaller than their size #5. I told them what I wanted to use it for, Model Ship Building. It's been a couple of weeks, and I never received a reply. I have other uses for a smaller diameter line, like for stitching things together.
  7. I glued two strands together. No knot. Titebond II Glue 30 minutes drying time. Very strong bond.
  8. I am fortunate enough to live in a Coastal Community where I can walk the docks, and look at different types of ships and small vessels. We also have a extensive Marine Retail Store dedicated to Commercial Fishing located on the Docks. Over the years, I have been buying Nylon Seine Line in various sizes for gardening and other projects. The smallest diameter Seine Line I am aware of is #5, which has a diameter somewhere between 050 and 070 in equivalent Kit lines. See examples below. The Seine Line is stiffer and is much easier to use. When cut, the Seine Line frays less at the cut end than the line provided in the Kits. The #5 Seine Line (Nylon) comes in 1 lbs spools. Which is approximately 3,500 feet at a cost of only $12.99 each. This one spool will last me a lifetime. So far I have only experimented with it. So far I am impressed.
  9. I planted Peas, Spinach, Swiss Chard, Lettuce, and Radishes today. Everything goes under the Grow Covers. I tack my covers down for the first few months, then let them 'float" when the plants are larger. If you live in a cooler damp climate, the Grow Covers will give you 2-4 weeks more growing season. Also, the Grow Covers prevent the Fly and Butterfly responsible for that nasty Root Maggot from laying it's eggs.
  10. I planted taters today. Red Potatoes. The sharp sticks are for any cats or dogs that want to use my fresh soft dirt for personal hygiene purposes. I have tried chemicals, pepper, and other gimmicks to discourage them. None of them worked. The Punji sticks do work. It also discourages the deer. For some reason the deer love to stand in my garden boxes and stomp around. They must like the soft soil squishing around their toes. Another way to discourage the deer in your garden is string strings across it every foot or so apart. The deer will not cross the strings. Must be like a cow refusing to cross railroad tracks. The bears are real smart. They come around only after dark, and they prefer not to leave tracks. The bears purposely will not cross into a garden box. Sneaky buggers. I will cover the box with a floating row cover. They really work.
  11. I knew about your model in the Church. Pretty cool. I am hoping to improve my skills with the U.S. Brig Syren that is coming. Sitka has changed. Local population continues to decline, stores continue to close. Now the city has a 150 million debt it can't pay. Blue Lake Expansion Project, that we never needed. I live up Indian River. Just above where the old Indian River trail Head takes off. Good southern exposure. Good for gardening. I'll be in Idaho in June. My annual trip to ride as a passenger in a ATV. We ride the Owhyees Mountains from Baker City south to almost Nevada. Sometime we ride the Sawtooth Range west of Stanley, or Hells Canyon out of Council.
  12. Air conditioner = Cold Beer.......you have a holder Satellite Radio = ipod or similar device (ear protection) When I mowed in 60's and 70's It was all push. Excellent rock throwers. I used to mow 3/4 of a acre sometimes twice a week. I haven't mowed in over 30 years. Never going back. Never never never.......
  13. That's one of the reasons I moved to Alaska 30 years ago. I have never mowed a lawn since. Why mow a lawn when you could go fishing? I hated lawn mowing. Oh course, I never had a fancy riding lawn mower with, padded seats, fancy suspension, air conditioning, and satellite radio like they have today!
  14. The month of April is still pretty cool in Sitka. We will be lucky to hit 50F days. Our heavy cloud cover will not let the Green House heat up much. The plants will sprout and grow, but very slowly. I will plant Potatoes, Peas, Carrots, and Baby Boc Choy next week in raised beds. Then I cover everything with Grow Covers. The Grow Covers stay on until July. The Grow Covers really work. Without them, I could not grow much in our cool damp climate.
  15. It finally stopped blowing, snowing and raining. Our local Bald Eagle, we call Gertrude, spent the day in our tree trying to dry off. It's been a long nasty Winter. I am declaring Spring by planting seedlings in the little Greenhouse. The seedlings will stay there until the first of May. Doesn't look like my U.S. Brig Syren Kit will arrive for another 10 days. Bummer.