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    It was: Nature and Wildlife Cinematography, Photography, Hunting, Fishing, and Exploring.
    Now it is: Gardening, and a Model Ship Builder want to be.

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  1. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    It's been a rough year for gardening. Cold winter. Late Spring, and we have had only about 14 days of sun. Many failures. Cabbage and Broccoli not producing heads. Berries and Currents are 3 weeks late. Many of the wife's flowers have not opened up. Nasturtiums did well. Not much time left. We can get a frost in mid September. Raining again. All I can do is make mud pies.
  2. List your miseries here

    Without any doubt........my first wife. Everything else has been gravy.
  3. Where do you come from

    Just had my DNA done: 52% Scandinavian 17% British/Wales 13% Dutch 12% Irish 3% Italian 1% Jewish 1% Spanish 1% North African A verified Mutt.
  4. The sun started to shine yesterday. Getting warm near 70. We must be getting some of the heat from the Seattle area. Most of the garden is 2-3 weeks late. Fruit trees lost all their blossoms in the big wind storm. Only a few apples. Wife's flowers are just starting to bloom. The fish are running late to the streams. We are all watching out for cranky bears.
  5. Yes, I was looking at the plans of the Syren Hull. I might have to start another scratch model this winter (Workboat). I also bought the Model Airways Sopwith Camel. This hobby is beginning to get out of hand.
  6. Did you notice how few boat models? Only 22 pictures. I have always believed there is a big demand for models of West Coast Work Boats. Some day a Kit Manufacturer will wake up to that fact. I refuse to build a East Coast Work Boat from a Kit, just because that is all that is available.
  7. Here is a massive site 14,000 images of West Coast Work Boats. http://www.besthistoricfishing.net/
  8. Please take a survey

    Only one? The Kit manufactures are still ignoring the variety, unique history, and demand for West Coast Ships/Boats Kits.
  9. Sanding Sticks

    You can wash a Professional Emory Board with water. Emory Boards also have a longer life than sand paper. But, in some situations, a very small and narrow homemade sanding stick is needed.
  10. Kit Prices

    If a $400 Kit takes you 600-1,000 hours to complete, Wow that's cheap entertainment.
  11. Please take a survey

    Except for the SS Beaver, which are the West Coast Ships?
  12. I'm retiring from ship modeling

    I have experienced two bouts of Pneumonia. It's like someone has built a campfire on your chest. A person needs to do something. Over the past 10 years I have had to give up just about everything I used to love to do. Model building in any capacity can still challenge you, and most of all keep you busy. A person needs to do something even if it requires building less challenging models, or building something else. When I was very young, I used to watch the old retired gentlemen sit around and whittle on a piece of wood. Some of them actually made some interesting figurines. Some made a pile debris. Some spent more time sharpening their knives. But, they all kept busy.
  13. Please take a survey

    How do I fill out and email back the survey. I do not have a scanner or fax machine. ?
  14. Please take a survey

    Please.... someone please... make West Coast Fishing Boat Kits. Troll, Seine, or Gill Net. West Coast. Not East Coast. WEST COAST! Also SS Beaver would be great. http://johncrittenden.com/the-ss-beaver/ We are starving for West Coast Kits.
  15. Making planks from Raw wood

    I get the same error message.