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    It was: Nature and Wildlife Cinematography, Photography, Hunting, Fishing, and Exploring.
    Now it is: Gardening, and a Model Ship Builder want to be.

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  1. Working more than one build

    Building ship models is like making love to a fine woman. I say multitasking is required.
  2. It's the old adage: He who ends up with the most stuff...................... Wins.
  3. just what is a "scratch built model"?

    The problem is, you need 3 types of builds, not 2. Kit built Semi-scratch built (using any pre-made parts) Scratch built
  4. Historic Trip through the Northwest Passage. http://www.maritime-executive.com/article/buoy-tender-completes-historic-nw-passage-transit
  5. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails. It works for all kinds of things.
  6. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    We used 15mm-20mm crushed road rock. We call it D1. The same rock used along the side of roads. Big mistake. The sharp crushed rock gets caught in almost every kind of shoe sole. We track it into the house and into our vehicles continually. The sharp rock pieces get caught so securely in our shoes, that we need to take the shoes off, in order to pry the rocks out of the soles.
  7. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    The trouble with using small gravel is that it is easily picked up by shoes, and then brought into the house. Once it is embedded into the soles of your shoes, it can puncture small holes into your flooring. The situation is worse if you have any of that laminate flooring. Been there. Done that.
  8. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    I watched my garden rot in the rain........
  9. The "What did you do in your Garden today?" thread

    It's been a rough year for gardening. Cold winter. Late Spring, and we have had only about 14 days of sun. Many failures. Cabbage and Broccoli not producing heads. Berries and Currents are 3 weeks late. Many of the wife's flowers have not opened up. Nasturtiums did well. Not much time left. We can get a frost in mid September. Raining again. All I can do is make mud pies.
  10. List your miseries here

    Without any doubt........my first wife. Everything else has been gravy.
  11. Where do you come from

    Just had my DNA done: 52% Scandinavian 17% British/Wales 13% Dutch 12% Irish 3% Italian 1% Jewish 1% Spanish 1% North African A verified Mutt.
  12. The sun started to shine yesterday. Getting warm near 70. We must be getting some of the heat from the Seattle area. Most of the garden is 2-3 weeks late. Fruit trees lost all their blossoms in the big wind storm. Only a few apples. Wife's flowers are just starting to bloom. The fish are running late to the streams. We are all watching out for cranky bears.
  13. Yes, I was looking at the plans of the Syren Hull. I might have to start another scratch model this winter (Workboat). I also bought the Model Airways Sopwith Camel. This hobby is beginning to get out of hand.
  14. Did you notice how few boat models? Only 22 pictures. I have always believed there is a big demand for models of West Coast Work Boats. Some day a Kit Manufacturer will wake up to that fact. I refuse to build a East Coast Work Boat from a Kit, just because that is all that is available.
  15. Here is a massive site 14,000 images of West Coast Work Boats. http://www.besthistoricfishing.net/