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  1. It will be 3 starting this winter. May be 4. I am sure looking hard at that Sopwith Camel.
  2. We are one of the few areas in Southeast Alaska that does not have Black Bears or Wolves. I know Black Bears do a lot of damage to gardens, fruit trees, and other shrubs. Our big Brown Bear are more interested in eating your dog. Can't leave a dog out at night. Especially tied up. We do not have any Moose either. A Moose can eat everything in your garden in a one nights visit.
  3. I don't do any markets either. I just give my produce away to the neighbors. They drop by fish and venison to me. Works pretty good since I can't hunt or fish any more.
  4. Two crops of Lettuce going. It was a good idea to put them up on the tables. No slug, snail, or insect damage of any kind. I see a few ripe radishes this morning. The longer days of sunlight are beginning to make a big difference.
  5. They are Wild Strawberries. Very small about the size of a marble. But much more flavorful than commercial Strawberries. My neighbor found them on a Island out by Biorka Island. He brought a few plants home. Gave some to me. Now they are spreading all over the neighborhood. Almost can't kill them. They love poor rocky soils. The produced berries in June. Done by July 4th. Then they send runners everywhere. If they travel where I don't want them, I just pull them out.
  6. If you have ever eaten a true Wild Strawberry........Well you know what I mean. I have been transplanting them on my property. They love sandy rocky soil.
  7. My Grapes were outside. They survived the first winter which was mild. Last February and March was very cold. Temps were 4-6 degrees below normal for weeks. All spring has been cooler than normal. Salmon Derby Time.
  8. My wife says I am a stubborn Norwegian. Washington State until 1985, then Sitka Alaska.
  9. I tried a hardened variety of grapes from British Columbia. Suppose to be good to 10 below. They are the only plant that did not survive our harsh winter. I no longer have any more ambitions for creating a World Class Winery in Alaska. Whiskey from Seaweed?
  10. I live a half mile from the ocean up a small river valley. Mountains rise 3-4 thousand feet from valley flow. Mountains have some snow cover year around. Photo taken from my back porch. We had around 20 eagles this morning in the valley. Low clouds and rain. My poor garden is taking a pounding. If it doesn't stop raining, I'll go postal.
  11. I have four Bald Eagles drying their wings in my back yard. Maybe it will now stop raining!
  12. We are unlike most of Alaska. I actually live closer to Seattle than to Anchorage! Day time temps 55-60. At night 36-46 degrees F This year we have been 2-4 degrees below normal almost every day since February. Lot's of day light though. 4am to around 10pm. If we would get a couple of days of sunshine everything would bloom.
  13. Watching my garden rot in the cold and rain.........
  14. The latest health findings on Round Up are not looking good. Google it.
  15. Modern news paper has some really nasty chemicals in it. Including fire retardant. I wouldn't use it around anything you plan to eat.