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  1. I agree with most- you don't charge enough for all your work and for the quality of your products. Not to mention support after sale. best, Walt
  2. whaynes

    Byrnes saw sled

    Ben, thanks for the reply. Walt
  3. whaynes

    Byrnes saw sled

    Guys, I am a newcomer to the use of table saws, though I do have the Byrnes saw. How is the saw sled used? What does it add to the basic saw? I have seen many references to using a table saw to cut mortices, tenons, and even rabbets. Is there a reference to or tutorial of these uses? Walt Haynes
  4. Thanks for the replies. Will check them out. Walt
  5. What is the best spindle sander for ship modelling? I'm talking bout a dedicate sander, not a set-up for a driil press or mototool. Thanks, Walt Haynes
  6. whaynes

    Band or Scroll saw

    Thanks for the replies. If a scroll saw is used for cutting frames from 1/4 in. stock, what would be the preferred blade?
  7. whaynes

    Band or Scroll saw

    I have limited space to work in, so a full-sized scroll saw on a stand is not going to work. Is there a good quality small scroll saw that is suitable, mostly for cutting out frames and other small parts? Proxxon, MicroLux? Thanks, Walt Haynes
  8. Chuck, is there a rigging plan or diagram showing how the anchor and buoy are rigged? I'm somewhat confused by the pictures. Walt Haynes
  9. Chuck, your rigging, particularly the way you secure blocks to spars and rigging, is so neat and without the messy knots one sees on other models. Could you produce a brief tutorial for those of us who are "out in the boondocks" with no local modelers' club to share techniques? Any help would be much appreciated. Walt Haynes Walterboro, SC
  10. Chuck, how did you make those perfect square holes in the bowsprit? It looks fantastic!! Walt
  11. Anybody used/familiar with this saw?

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