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  1. Hi Carlos , how are you,  I would like enjoy your build log ,and following , why you stop your update ?


    1. carlosgf


      Hi, tug. Rely there are few progress in bulding the Mediator because since last year i've been very busy. Now I'm going to put some photographs. Thank you for your interest.

  2. Hi all. I'm now making the sloop Mediator, taking the planes of Howard I. Chapelle. http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/9973-sloop-mediator-by-carlosgf-scale-148-1741-howard-i-chapelles-version/?hl=mediator I'm preparing the mast and yards. I have a question about the mast length. As you can see below - the mast hounded length is 21 yards + 2 inches (19253 mm) - the mast head is 2 yards + 29 inches (2565 mm) Mi question is that the mast head lenght is included or not in the mast hounded lenght. I've put my plans and the Chapelle rigging plans together and they are almost equal. The total lenght is the sum of these parts but I have doubts about it. What's is your opinion? Kind regards and thanks, Carlos.
  3. Hi. Howard Irwing Chapelle in his book 'The search for speed under sail 1700-1855' shows the Mediator sloop (pages 70-73). This ship was built in 1741. It is not exactly a cutter but it is and American cousin. The original plans name a jibboom with its sizes. Chapelle interpret the planes and shows a picture with the sails. http://prints.rmg.co.uk/art/491163/mediator-1745 The kit Virgina Sloop of model shipways is quite similar. I hope this hepls you. Carlos.