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  1. Oh how I wish I hadn't glued the sub assy's on putting the railings around them is proving to be a royal pita, I've even tried prying them off (why is it that you really glue something well and it falls off if you sneeze, you just tack something and it's stuck fast) grrrrrrrrr I think I've just made this a million times harder, i should not have got paranoid that the sub assy's would get knocked to the floor again.
  2. Hi all well all the Oerlikons are finally done as is the last of the pompoms (I accidentally stuck the shields on the wrong way round on the first of this set of Oerlikons and thought the brass showed up better so I've done all the rest the wrong way round (if you use the etched detail side you can hardly notice the pe)(here's a challenge try to find the ones with the pe the right way round they hardly notice)
  3. Thanks I did mate (although hectic(been all over the place what with family in Scotland, Yorkshire and down here))
  4. I modified it, i got the kit with the cabriolet in it and saw a picture of the ds 19 done as a car transporter and decided to try and make it.
  5. Hi all well I finally got some modelling time and I've fixed what I can and I've now glued the sub assy's to the deck (I know it will make adding further pe problematical but I figure the whole ship will have to be knocked off the bench to damage bits in the future) So now I have about a gazillion bits of PE to add to the Oerlikons, then all the railings, build and add the last set of pompoms to the stern big guns, add the pe to those guns and the job should be a goodun.
  6. kpnuts

    What have you received today?

    Here's my Christmas haul I realise they are not ship related, makes little difference really as I seem to have no modelling time these days( Christmas decs down today so maybe a little time soon)
  7. My missus is awesome and allows me to mess her livingroom up without complaining so how can i say anything, and she was very upset and was obviously expecting me to explode (which I didnt) let's just say I know a good thing when I see it. How many of you can say you've spilt glue or paint on the living room floor and just got a raised eyebrow for it (mind you she can make a raised eyebrow very scary)
  8. Bit of a catastrophe on this one missus knocked one of the sub assemblies off the bench, i can't find the pe range finder also can't find the bit the crane is held between on the 2 bits that both broke off to say I'm annoyed is an understatement, i was going to try and finish the Oerlikons this weekend, also some of the pe mast stuff is missing or bent (hopefully I can straighten that out. Not sure what else is missing I'm hoping anything else won't notice.
  9. Thanks for taking the time to look, I've got an idea my boss has some of those in her Xmas cupboard.
  10. They are all individually controllable so maybe I will try it in the dark.
  11. Hi all well I still thought the sub was a little over scale so I've cut it down as much as I can, I've also added 2 more and added a bit more superstructure. I was thinking of adding another light, do you think that would be too much.
  12. It's a converted book light.
  13. Hi all, well apart from the Oerlikons all the deck furniture is done, i think, hope?
  14. Hi all well I've got lighting that seems more right scale wise, got another one of these to convert and ordered 2 more slightly different (just for variety) to add.
  15. Hi Ben I have some grainy stills of it (not many and nowhere near clear enough)

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