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  1. Birthday prezies

    The Bismark must be a rerelease of an older kit as there is a battery box moulded in the bottom of the hull and 2 propshafts with propellers but no mention of any of this in the instructions. I imagine this was like the Airfix 1/12 Bentley 4.5 supercharged which was originally sold to be motorised but they have removed it on the new release but you can still see the remnants of it in the kit. Incidentally the props looks really good quality.
  2. Birthday prezies

    Hi all well my birthday is not till Thursday and I thought I had got lucky when my missus bought me the pocher 1/4 ducati plus the update kit, well I had my kids over this weekend for my birthday party and they bought me these How lucky am I. After a little research I discovered these and the warspite were all there when the Bismarck was sunk, obviously you all know I built the warspite in a dio, I'm now toying with the idea of doing a dio with these 3 in it.
  3. sc0003fc9b.jpg

    She's a real beauty, well done that man.
  4. IMG_0299.JPG

  5. Sorry it's revells Thermopylae
  6. Revells 1/96 Thermopylae
  7. Kpnuts

    Hi all this is the Revell 1/96 Thermopylae
  8. DSCI5481.JPG

    Superb model, incredible work.
  9. P1010870.JPG

    What a beauty, fantastic model and as has been said I love the water effect
  10. IMG_1083.JPG

    Superb build, that kit must be huge, I did the 1/350 warspite and that was big I love the weathering.
  11. Cutting in stage

    Superb piece of modelling
  12. That is incredible.
  13. Gallei 5

  14. IMGP1443