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  1. I think I will need to put the decks in as one piece as both the front and rear sections of the gun deck are warped quite considerably and will need strengthening from underneath to keep them in line. I am not so much worried about deck camber as getting it reasonably flat !
  2. This is my first large ship build and indeed my first model of any kind I have built for 30 years or so, as a teenager I spent most of my money on plastic military vehicle kits and model railways, but that's a long time ago now ! I've been lurking on this forum for several months, entranced by the marvellous modelling skills displayed and eventually decided I would have a go myself and so as a Christmas present to myself I bought the Revell Constitution kit. I went for an old issue of the kit as the current ones are supposedly not as crisply moulded and some reports have it that the
  3. The information I have is based on the UK Revell catalogues, and the dates may not exactly match the availability in the US - the early 70's catalogue have all the big ship kits down as 'imports' in the UK, presumably from the US. (Revell UK did have a production facility in the UK until about 1980) Incidentally the 1965 UK catalogue has the 1/96 Cutty Sark available with or without sails, so why the Constitution wasn't originally available with sails who knows ?
  4. Been looking into the history of this kit, the original 1965 release was Catalogue number H-386 and came without sails. In 1968 Revell added Cat No. H-398 which is the version with sails. Up until 1972 both versions were in the Revell Catalogue (the version with sails was more expensive). The box art was changed to the one GLakie shows in his post in 1976 There was a third version produced - the 'Museum Classic' version from 1979 which had a prepainted copper hull, a wooden base with a brass plated nameplate and brass plated pedestals for the ship to stand on together with flock coated va
  5. Hi Tom My Christmas Present to myself was the same H-386 version of the USS Constitution, same front box art anyway though mine has a copyright date of 1969 printed on the box side. I bought it for the same reason as you, older production run has supposedly crisper moulding. It will be my first ship build. Being British I have no patriotic connection with the 1812 Constitution so I am going to leave in the bridle ports ! The main alterations I am thinking of doing so far is just to thicken up the gun ports and bulwarks I will likely be starting a build log myself in a day or two - as soo
  6. Nenad, I just want to tell you that when I first looked at the top picture on post 841 and thought I was looking at one of your pictures of the actual Cutty Sark. Your lighting and photography combined with your modelling skills got together to make the stanchions and the rivet heads behind them look 'real' just remember to walk without rhythm so you don't attract the worm... Philip
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