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  1. Account deleted effective 22nd March 2019

  2. Hello Pete! I am currently in Adelaide myself! It sure is pretty here but MUCH quieter than Melbourne haha. I am actually building the HMS Surprise but she was built and launched by the French as the Unite of course.
  3. Thank you all for your help and interesting information! Your explanations have made perfect sense!
  4. Hi there I apologise if this question has been answered elsewhere however all my searches here on the forums didn't show me the answer. I even asked Mrs Google (she knows everything) but couldn't find an answer there either so I have turned to the experts here. My question is "what was the maximum length of a plank on the deck of a French ship built in the late 1700's"? The research I have done shows plans for my ship with the planks about 24 foot long, but the last time I followed plans literally they were completely wrong so thought it best to check. At 1:75 scale that would ma
  5. Hi Karl Congratulations on finishing such an incredible work of art! And thank you again for sharing your talent with us. The display looks fantastic!!! I can't wait to follow your next project and be inspired by your skills.
  6. Hello Mike! Wow, what a quick build and a great result! I agree with Cap'n and say that I hope you are proud of how she came out as your "Louise" looks fantastic. Your woodwork and planking really does look so good even though you questioned it I can't wait to see your next project. Congrats again on another great build!
  7. Hello Captain71 and a big welcome from me too! Thank you for starting a build log. I am building the same kit myself and will follow along with your every step! (And maybe steal a few ideas, tips and tricks too haha) There are only a few HMS Surprise builders here at the moment but they are all very friendly, and of course the whole community is here to help. Welcome again and good luck!
  8. Just wow CaptainSteve! The quality of your work and final results are just amazing! If you applied the same efforts to your English we would lose (very sadly) CaptainSteve and be replaced by Master Modeller William Shakespeare! Actually he spoke pretty strangely too haha. But seriously, your Launch is just amazing and each time I look at your log I want to start one myself, and read the books about the Launch's own voyage. Bindy P.S. Good luck with the recovery from your work injury!! It sounds very painful
  9. Thank you for sharing Bill. That is the "happiest" sad story I have read and my own life will be better for it as both yourself and Sarah have touched me. From this day forward I will carry my stone. Thank you to both of you.
  10. Just magnificent Denis! In fact "magnificent" doesn't seem a good enough word for the pictures of your completed Sovereign of the Seas, but it will have to do as I clicked "like" about a thousand times and that didn't show how impressed I am at your workmanship. Congrats again my friend, you truly deserve every word said above.
  11. Hi Denis, Thank you for the kind words, and if I really was any help then I am truly honoured to have been even a small part in you finishing this incredible model. It truly is a masterpiece and you should be so very proud of yourself, and take your place amongst the best here on MSW. I honestly can't wait to see what you do with your royal William and new toys. I do agree with Brian about the worthiness of your ship And just when I thought it couldn't be any better, I have to say your plaque is the ideal finishing touch. Your idea to use the brass strips to match it with y
  12. Hi Denis, I have to agree with everyone else and ask you to reconsider your decision about not showing your magnificent work in the gallery so that everyone can see your ship and skills and have something to aspire too. Your SOS is a genuine work of art and you should be proud! Bindy P.s. Like everyone else I am happy to help with the computer side if you would like
  13. Hi there Waitoa! I am not quite sure what you mean about the wide bulkhead sorry. Do you mean the 6th one along? And sticking out a bit far? I think mine looks ok, but I can take photo's of mine if that helps? I begin work properly on mine today so I will take lots of photos in case they help in any way for you. Good luck!
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