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  1. Thank you all for the inspiration. I will use it once I have the material for rigging. Meanwhile I took a picture of the components of gun carriage (breeching rope with eyelets is still missing) this is what is in the kit. Once I decide on the tackles, I will have to add more eyelets.
  2. @kirill4 Hi mate, yes those 4 coils on the photo are ropes supplied with the kit the one I tested on the tiller tackles was thread Gutermann 100%PES in colour 868. I have used several sizes and shades to make ropes on Royal Caroline and was very happy with the result. I have already found the source where to order. I have order Gutermann MARA 220 in shade 868 (I really like this colour for running rigging). I think this size should be thin enough to create nice thin rope from 3 threads. The delivery time is longer 2-3weeks as they do not have it in stock but that should be fine as there are plenty wood work on AVOS still to do. thanks for the links, these are some lovely looking ships This is example of my own ropes using Gutermann thread. 868 shade is used for deadeyes lanyard. It is little bit more brown in reality.
  3. Hi @ccoyle Could you do me a favour and drop the link to your Sherbourne built (if available) I'm finding inspiration for the tackles Thanks a lot!
  4. Thanks a lot @Gregory, will try that! Did I say that binnacle house was small? Here is the first gun assembled. The square on the pad is 1cm. Even it is very small it is very very detailed. My plan was to fully rig it with tackles (not included in the kit). Not sure if it will be possible but will try what I can do! I have received those testing blocks with hooks Just for this purpose. I think it could work. Blocks are only 2mm. Will see.
  5. Hi Gregory, now I'm most curious about coils hanging from belaying pins or cleats but I guess both will be used on the model (once rigging guns for example). I would appreciate your pictures once you have some time to spent thanks a lot.
  6. This is my biggest trouble with supplied ropes. Each diameter has different colour. The 0,2 and 0.3 have greenish tone. I would be happy with 0,4 but 0,5 is too White to my taste. I do not want the ship looks like X-mas tree after all the hours I have spent on it. As I said I still have to find some good material to work with!
  7. Hi Kirill4, thank you very much for your comment. I got your point, I'm still trying to figure out the rigging (material). I got my rope walk, serving machine etc.. (you can check my Royal Caroline if you want.... in AVOS case, there are more things to consider the picture really does not show how does it look like in the reality (it looks much better). And as I said the quality of the rope supplied with the kit is really high, I just do not like the colour. my biggest issue is the scale. This rope has diameter 0.3 (in the kit). the thread I use is little bit thinner but if I make rope 1x3 from it it becomes to thick. If it is black rope I do not have problem, I have thinner threads so I can make thinner ropes. Unfortunately I haven't found source in my country where they sell thinner thread in the colour I would like to use (they sell only black or white). Anyway I have found some abroad so I'm going to order and create the "real rope". I doubt this is the final solution. for all my followers, could you please advice what is the good way to make a coil from rope? I found some tutorials but it is not what I would like to use. Thanks a lot! PetaV
  8. Thanks man, I agree. I did some comparison here (unfortunately the picture does not show the real colour) the thread is little thinner but I still think it looks better. Both tackles replaced
  9. I have shaped the rudder tiller and did the tiller tackles. The end of the rope will end on the rudder tiller as well, this is just temporary fastening on the cleat as I'm not sure about the colour of the tackle. This thread is supplied with the kit. The quality is fine but I'm not a fan of that white and glossy colour. I'm thinking of replacing it by my own thread with matt tan colour.
  10. Instalation of the rudder braces to the hull. It took me while to figure out how to position it properly. At the end I clamped the plank to the keel which protrude to the stern and fix the rudder to the position. Once I was happy with the position of the brace I marked the position with the tape. Remove the rudder and glue the brace.
  11. Next deck details....... Two last hatches, flagpole planks and sail boom pad. I have also started with fastening of the blocks in the eyes where hook is not used. It would be really tricky to do this on the ship so I decided to remove the eye, Fast the Block outside and put it back. Will do this for all eyes which holds block this way.
  12. Few more deck details. Irons on the latrine doors, cleats, bitts on the bulwark rail, pawl in windlass and mast coat.
  13. I have finished the rest of the mast bitts. Horse has been blackend and add some Iron details to the companionway.
  14. Thanks Jim. Next are the mast bitts. It is time consuming due to the sending off the char and processing the head and sheaves. It is very small so fun work. 2 already prepared, 2 more to go.
  15. Boat davits. I'm leaving them in pear wood instead of black colour. I like it more in natural wood. I'm going to simulate the iron bands at the end of each davit once I receive Copper tape. Simulation with a yawl And in its full (almost) lenght
  16. Thanks a lot for all likes and kind comments. Love it! @Katoom and @Dubz thank you for your opinion, I share the same one as well. I took other 2 or 20 looks at it and black goes much better with other details. I try to avoid the brass fittings which is the next reason for black 👍
  17. Back in the workshop with some small progress. I have added another pair of the secure rings @DPK's advice. Thanks again. I have finish few final touches on the windlass and secured it on the deck. I have experimented with the belaying pins. Luckily There are few spare so I could blacken one to se how it looks on the ship. Still not sure what I will use, if clean brass or black (leaning little bit more for black version). Here is the comparison. What do you think??
  18. Perfect, thanks a lot @DPK I will do 2 more rings and go with ladders👍
  19. Thanks man, that is what I thought. Similar case would be with inner bulwarks planking.

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