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  1. You can nicely see the difference between waxed main deck and forecastle deck before waxing on this picture. I agree with Marslav with the colors of wood. It looks amazing!
  2. Hi guys, Actually no update on AVOS but I wanted to share thi video (and whole series) of the restauration of TalyHo. In this episode they are finishing planking and I love it so so much! The whole series is here. I really recommend watching it as there are many valuable "how to" explanations even for us, modellers. https://youtube.com/c/SampsonBoatCo Enjoy. PetaV
  3. Hi Andreas, couldn't it be that you swap sides? Right futtock on the left and left on the right? I think that could explain it? It is just idea. I'm watching your build with great interest as I'm thinking about buying one as well. Great work. PetaV
  4. Greetings, After a long brake the cold weather came to our area which could (I hope) give me some time for ships. There is not much missing on AVOS. rope coils on the cleats and flag. Possibly I add some small details. I have started with coils. First attempts after the brake. I guess I would need some warm up to get up to speed again.
  5. Hi, there is no waterway, Panart made it much more simple. @Ciciak35 those are from Czech shop https://www.hismodel.com/articles-category-1 thank you Guys for the kind comments!
  6. When the line is in you can't tel if There is real shave. Save your effort for other.... Visible.... Items! Your model is.......... OH my god so welllllllll made! Congrats mate
  7. Thanks guys. Unfortunately RC has to wait. I have moved to larger scale finishing our new home 😱 But she is going to be decoration in the living room for sure! @PietFriet the color is matt blue from Revell (not sure about the number) spray with air gun several thin layers and clear coat water sended until all is smooth.
  8. After a long time There is one small update. Unfortunately there is no free time to spent on AVOS these days but today I have received the Glass display. (so to do list is again little longer). At least one picture under the cover
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