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  1. When the line is in you can't tel if There is real shave. Save your effort for other.... Visible.... Items! Your model is.......... OH my god so welllllllll made! Congrats mate
  2. Thanks guys. Unfortunately RC has to wait. I have moved to larger scale finishing our new home 😱 But she is going to be decoration in the living room for sure! @PietFriet the color is matt blue from Revell (not sure about the number) spray with air gun several thin layers and clear coat water sended until all is smooth.
  3. After a long time There is one small update. Unfortunately there is no free time to spent on AVOS these days but today I have received the Glass display. (so to do list is again little longer). At least one picture under the cover
  4. No problem at all. I'm glad you like it and perhaps my log helps someone else. I like it!
  5. I would love to see your build. I am actually really suprised that there aren't much more building logs of this kit. It is such a great kit for reasonable price I would say! I hope you share your progress with MSW group. If you would need any of help, I'm happy to try. @yvesvidal @Edwardkenway @JpR62 thank you guys for your kind comments, really appreciated! Also thanks for all the likes!
  6. All pins are now equiped with coils..... So I can move to cleats. And few overview pictures.
  7. @Justin P. Yes, the line is attached to the pin with "8-style" knot (same as in reality) then cut and the eye of the coil goes over the knot. CA glue is used to simulate some weight. In 1/72 scale (which is my AVOS) everything is so tiny that it would not be podsible to do it on the same line. (I'm having problems only hang the coils on some places on fully rigged model)! Peta_V
  8. Here is a short guide, how I do coils. I have a jig from the scrap wood with 3 removable pins (2,3,5) and 3 securing points (1,4,6). 1. Secure the line to point 1 and make several loops around pins 2 and 3. I do 4-6 loops so the coils does not look similar. (I start with removed pin 5). Once finished with loops secure the other end to point 4. 2. Unsecure line from point 1 and pull out the very first loop through the middle of the coil. 3. Now you have to twist this to form the eye and secure it with pin 5. 4. Remove pin 2 and fully insert pin 5. No
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