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  1. Hi, I have found the link to the czech webpage where you can find the log with my RC build from the very beginning (13years back). The comment are only in czech but there are many photos. Perhaps it could be usefull as a reference...... PetaV http://www.mo-na-ko.net/php/portal/viewtopic.php?id=713
  2. Hi guys, I need your help! I have a Hard time to blacken the brass work on the yawl. I did not want to do the blackening before glueing parts to the wood as the CA glue and the chemical do the mess on the wood (I'm using Brasblack from Birchwood) My idea was to glue all the ironwork to the place and blackend it after. I have send it with fine sendpaper and small files but it did not clean the brass enough and the result is not good. I would need some chemical that will degreas the surface, but I do not want any strong acid. What is the best to use there? Thanks a lot for advice!
  3. Thank you both. Also for all the likes and followers. It gives the power to try to be precise as posible. And it is very Hard for me not to hurry as I do not have much time to spent (3 small childern, building new house......) That is why RC is on hold (unfortunately) i need for her at least 3 hours to finish one step. For this, I can do one plank in few minutes. And of course this is thanks to briliant mind in MASTER KORABEL such a great job they done there. And in the second level I have to thank to this webpage. Here I found out that something special could be purchased as a kit! All of you rock🍻
  4. Finished. I curved 4 oars, mast and yard. Finished the surface with matt varnish. It will need few final touches like sail, ropes etc and pack it i side the boat but that will be decided later. I'm more and more curious about AVOS when only yawl looks very good 😲🤑
  5. The yawl is almost finished. Interior is done, exterior and some Iron work as well. I need to finish oars, blacken the brass strips and varnish. Twart, mast clamp and mast Rudder
  6. Things happen. You will be able to fix that for sure. Looks like you have some updated version of the kit. I'm pretty sure I didn't have that pre-drawn decks Just plywood. You are progressing nicely👌 Anyway I would suggest to take off the planking around the ribs now. Once you plank the hull it could be more difficult and you can possibly damage the hull planking. Good luck
  7. Thanks Katsumoto, it is really a pleasure building kit like this. It is not that dificult to get good result when the producer gives guidence like this. Just patience and be careful.
  8. Keel, stem and sternpost glued in place and smoothend. Starting with interior. Everything fits perfectly only minor sending is needed!
  9. The planking is finished. Now it can be taken off the jig Sheer clamps installed Keel, stem and Stern post preparation Size comparison with 95mm boat
  10. I have almost finished the planking today. I tried not to hurry and really took care of the close fit. I'm really happy with the result so far. 🤣
  11. Hi Katsumoto, congrats to the new ship. I will for sure follow your progress! If you'd be interested I can share some aternative plans and sources. But I'm warning you, it will make the build much more frustrating But since you Just starting it could be easier then in my case get the plans in the middle of the build. Good luck and have fun! It is a good kit and nice ship!
  12. I have started with the boat. It is so tiny but So far I did not destroy any part. So all good. It has different assembly approach than 95mm boat from MK. 1. Keel First you do 3 "puzzle" sheets Then you glue them together and bevel both sides as necessary After you can remove the center 2. Building jig 3. Frames Here you have to be really careful not to brake the frame. It is made of pear strip 0.6x0.6mm. Once soaked in water it becomes softer 4. Planking First 2 rows in place.
  13. Hi, I thought I will do more detailed review of the kit and add some history which is also included in the manual. Historical background On 1st July 1806 г. in Novo-Arkhangelsk in Alaska (now Sitka, USA) a firstborn ship of the Russian-American company’s trading fleet was triumphantly launched. It was an 8-cannon tender. The Russian ambassador Nicolay Ryazanov named the ship “Avos”. On 27th of July 1806 tender “Avos”, commanded by 22-years old warrant officer Gavrila Davidov and crewed by 12 local craftsmen, departed on a secret expedition to establish the interests of the Russian Empire in the waters around of the Southern Kuril Islands and the Sakhalin. The expedition also included the ship “Juno” and it was generally guided by lieutenant Nicolay Khvostov During the sailing along the Aleutian ridge to the port of St. Peter and Paul the crew survived many storms, forced stop at the Fox islands for repairs and also saved a mysterious “native” from the Attu island. To secure the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin, to bring the local natives (aines) into the Russian allegiance and to force Japan to enclose trading relations with Russia, in 1807 ships “Avos” and “Juno” conducted many military raids along the Kuril Islands coast, raiding the illegally appeared Japan settlements, which banished previously settled Russian settlers aines. During the expedition tender “Avos” using its 4-oared yawl conducted many boarding of the Japanese ships and several landing operations, each time forcing large numbers of Japanese to run and burning and sinking the ships as scare tactics. During 1808 shipping season tender “Avos” under command of lieutenant Sukin was shipping goods to America. On 11th of October 1808, while sailing from Kadiak to Novo-Arkhangelsk, during the storm, tender “Avos” was wrecked near the coast of Chichagov island near the Alexander archipelago. Tender “Avos” had a short, but a legendary fate in history of Russia, America and even Japan, which had mixed assessments of the historians, but widely known because of world popular first Russian rock-opera by A.Rybnikov and A.Voznesensky “Juno and Avos”. It told us about the adventures of the Russian sailors and the selfless love on the coast of California of Russian ambassador Nicolay Ryazanov and young María Concepción Argüello (Conchita). Content of the box Plans - there are 3 sheets of plans, 2 tables with rigging details, one text manual and one photo manual. All looks very detailed and understandable. I have the version with only plans in Russian but together with order they send all translated to english via e-mail so I should be good there False keel and bulwarks - whole inner structure is made from plywood and the first layer of planking as well. On each bulwark there is shown how much bevel is needed so lot of sending can be done before assembly and finish just last touch on the model. Outer planking - second layer of planking is made from pear wood. It is laser cut to the shape and there are also imitations of treenails. Same is for inboard planking. For the wales, rails and transom the black veneer is used (so no colors are needed) Other deck details, mast and spars - all made from pear wood, super detailed. Love it! Other fittings - there are super nice blocks and deadeyes, belaying pins from brass, 8 2cm guns, anchors, 2 plates of photo edged details Sails and rigging - there are several width and colors of the rigging line. I'm not sure if I will use this or make my own. Will see. This version of the kit includes already sawn sails and these are looking good. Boat - the kit also includes 4-oar yawl. It has only 6.8cm and there are so many details! This will be crazy to build I guess! All made from pear as well. and that is all you get for your money Can't wait to get started!!!!!!!!!!!!

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