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  1. Preparation of the route for anchor cable. @DPK @greenstone can I ask you guys for advice? There are two pre-drilled holes in the deck forward to the bow from the bell in the same line with other rings for securing the cable. I guess There should be another pair of rings? But it is not in instructions so I do not know if I can use 2 more photo etched parts #18 (are there some spare or the count is exactly for the model?) or should I produce my own? Thanks a lot!
  2. Ohh god, I feel so bad now (I scrolled Down this thread) and see the stage where I stopped. But I really needed rest from rigging. Unfortunately/fortunately AVOS cought me so deeply that I can't go back to RC right now BUT I PROMISE I'm GOING TO FINISH THIS PROJECT!! please Just be patient. Thanks to all followers and all who likes what I am doing. In case you would like to see the ship I'm working on right now..... It is a lovely kit. So much fun building it! PetaV
  3. Thank you Greenstone. It is my personal choice.I found it distracting leave it in brass when all other irons are black. I do not like colourfull models so that is the reason. Not sure what I do with belaying pins🤔
  4. Windlas part2. Everything went fine to this stage. Time consuming as there are lot of pieces but smooth process. Until this small detail came. It is so tiny and will be made from 10pieces. Nice test for the nerves
  5. Windlas assembly. It has pretty complex shape but it is cut to "hundereds" small pieces that creates all the details which makes the assembly much more friendly then carve it from one piece of wood.
  6. Continueing with the deck details. I added some hatches with Iron work. I have also placed many eyelets but it is still not all. I have also added the supporting knees to the belfry and glue it in the pkacd
  7. Thank you! But half of the work came from you guys! I did only assembly.
  8. Rudder. You start from the photoetched part that needs to be bent to create a "hook". I have then silversolder the edges and smooth it with file. Blackening and the irons are ready. I have added the eyebolts and decoration of the transom And starting preparations of the deck furniture
  9. Some more Iron works. 1. Rolling chock (with testing tack) 2. Fastening of the stern-post to the keel 3. Horse (it will be blackend later)
  10. Thanks Jim! Thanks also for all the comments and likes. It keeps me motivated. It starts to look really great, I love the shape of the ship and all the wooden and brass details. Truly enjoyable built. I'm little bit afraid what I will do after AVOS and RC. Hope MK will release some new gem!
  11. Second cathead assembly. I Started to assemble the rudder. Every edge has to be beveled so it takes some time to shape it. Iron works next.
  12. @ccoyle thank you. Each person different feeling. Personaly I like more less colours on the model. As parts became smaller and smaller the progress slows Down as well. I have installed few cleats (they are laser cut from the side and also from above so it is shaped very well I only had to remove the char). I have assembled the pulley on the bow from 3 photoetched parts and add the horseshoes to the keel. All is blackend with "brass black".
  13. The deck after second layer of oil looks fantastic 😲 it is super smooth and the colour is beautyful I have put some other elements on. Now I can continue with woodwork.
  14. Thanks man. I did that on the hull bellow the wales. After oil send to the very smooth and give very thin layer of oil again and directly také off the remains of the oil with a cloth. It makes nice surface. That is why I decided to put oil now inside before There are many conners which will be not easy to access with cloth. Hope it was good decision. It is my First time dealing with a oil finish. So it is a try! But So far si good. Love the result.
  15. Perfect! Good luck. It is very easy to get them back so no worries. Looks like the pencil lines worked very good👍
  16. Lovely work Jim, looks like you are not loosing treenails due to the lenght at the stern. Is the bow also OK?
  17. I have finished water ways. Before I move on with other fittings I put inside of the hull under first layer of oil.
  18. Thanks man, Similar to the AVOS kit, so much fun for the money 👌It performs quite well: https://photos.app.goo.gl/yVfKFMD55SNsMc386 But back to AVOS. I was not completely happy with the surface after oil, it was not smooth enough. I have sanded it again with 800 1200 1500 grit to get really smooth hull and apply thin layer of oil again, right after the application I have removed the accessed oil with a rug and polished it. That result makes me happy now.

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