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  1. More great info thanks! I’ll model her for mid 1943! She had a very busy career in both world wars! Been learning a lot. Im looking forward to this build!
  2. I know the main thing about a build log are the progress pictures. So I’ve got the hulls off and as most ship builds go... I’ve started drilling out the port holes. So some progress at last!
  3. That is extremely helpful thanks! No idea where you all get this info from!! But appreciate it a lot! This mixed with the plans RGL sent I’ll be able to give it a good go. Will use the spray primer option and give it a few coats. Do we know what refit they thickened the black water line? im going for a 1943 time build so just before getting damaged by the guided bomb. Which means the 6” broadside guns were still on her and the stern lower port holes are covered. Just putting together all the things to change and do. I’ll not go too accurate but I’ll definitely change what I can and know a
  4. Haha I’ll try avoid madness as best as I can! ive got some 5mm tamiya tape so that should do the trick well. one last thing... I’m happy scribing panel lines or shading them in but the strips of armour plate. They are different all together aren’t they? The strips of paper or coats of primer? If so are they just a 6ft strip of armour then a 6ft gap followed by 6ft of armour all the way? Or am I just super confused 🤣
  5. Thanks heaps for those! That’s a whole lot of detail!! So my nice idea of not having to do panel lines has be totally shattered haha! I might get a set of PDF plans from morskie and do the hull to the best level I can, might take a week or two to be emailed through if I remember right from the POW plans but they were quite helpful. Again thanks for the details!
  6. I can try with primer but my searches for plate armour details or plans has turned up nothing except other build logs. Do I just copy roughly what others do or is there a place that has all the plans to copy? I can’t even see the plating on photographs.
  7. I’ve got your build log bookmarked so one button and I’m there! It’s got some good info! if printer paper is too thick would you think normal lined paper might work? Is the plating effect noticeable enough to add to the model? Also looks like I’ll need to fill in the rear lower portholes too.
  8. Sounds like a lot of work! What did you use to work out the shape and size and thickness of the armour plates? Any ideas on a better way to reproduce them other than paper? At this scale they must be pretty thin! ive been looking at the kit and will try a different approach than my last one. Am thinking I’ll join the hull and glue on the decks with them slightly sunk in. Then paint the whole hull and deck furniture, once complete lay on the wooden deck. Any thoughts on that not being a good idea? If I line up the camo well then later when superstructure is complete can carry on
  9. Ah good info! Thanks! Very useful! Especially knowing that the lower guns were taken off and the position of the boot line. Was hoping it didn’t reach high enough to be on the sloping part of the hull as that would be fun to fade but alas my hopes are dashed haha! Info like this is often more helpful than the kits instructions. The hull has no panel lines so not sure if I’ll add them. Did you scribe them on? I’ve a feeling I’ll add them now
  10. Nice to have your company! Welcome mate, once you have done a ship with Photo etch it’s impossible to do one without... in my humble opinion! hey, any info and drawings you have will be great thanks! I’ve not got anything. Sounds like you have a lot of info there!! 😁
  11. Hello, Slowly getting ready for my second ship build, really enjoyed my last HMS Prince of Wales build and all the feed back and help was much appreciated. Ill begin the build shortly and was given this kit to build for someone else with no time limit and just for fun. Included in the box is a MK1 upgrade set which has some PE, anchor chain, wooden deck and brass barrels for all guns plus I’ve pe from my POW build so can use that too. Thought I’d start this log a bit before I begin so if anyone has built this ship and has any advice or “wish I’d kno
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