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  1. Have the day off today so able to do some more painting. Wasn’t happy with the chunky rudder peddle flaps. so cut cut them off and made some thinner ones. also did more on the frames, won’t add any more detail as it won’t be seen but what it’s got which is really good for what I was expecting I’m just experimenting with different techniques.
  2. Been awhile since I last did a cockpit so I’ll be able to have my first time weathering and all that as when I last did a plane I didn’t have paint at all. im using pictures of a mkIIc that’s been preserved as there is no way to know how individual planes were painted as far as I know. learnt silver is awful to airbrush and know never to try it again haha rough base coat on and details and weathering to do.
  3. So it begun. will be a slow start but the journey has at least started! im quite impressed with the cockpit detail. Had low expectations. From reading reviews on other build logs it seems they got aftermarket cockpits but found nothing could be seen so recommend a seatbelt (which I e ordered) and stock cockpit is fine. So I’m googling all the hurricane cockpit pictures I can find. Instruments are a bare minimum but I guess they didn’t need much for what they were doing. But hats off to them navigating! My first 1000 hours flying was with a map and it can be rather
  4. Hey, I’ve not had much time lately but did finally get all the crew painted. From this To this by the end got pretty good at them. -Cut them off the base, glued any broken legs and arms back on. -Dry brushed blue over the gloss base blue to make them matt. -Painted the white collar details. -Painted faces and hands skin colour including but not limited to: freckles and individual eye colours... not one has the same eye colour 😂! -Painted shoes black. -Made them watch a 15 minute “health and safe
  5. The kit has arrived. I’m in a busy spell so it will have to wait till I can get to her. it has some extra decals for night fighters and mask for the canopy which I’ve never seen or tried before. And the seatbelt is on the way from the manufacturer. After some looking up it seems they were the best company for seatbelts. seems the cockpit will be first made and it’s always an odd part as you can put so much work in and then close it up and it’s gone... anyway enjoy your day and I’ll be back with more shortly
  6. Thanks for that. I think a few kiwis flew the hurricane Mk II in the Pacific theatre. I’ve not done much research and some times you have to get proper serious or you get nowhere at all. Seeing I’ll only be loosely basing my build of what I find I’ll not investigate too much but I have learnt a lot.
  7. Seems everyone has found a seat! Hope you are comfortable... I also have made a few potato cannons and had a friend that used one to cast out his fishing line. They were good fun. Today the Tamiya paints arrived. Did lots of research and slowly my paint choices changed. Here is how my search went as I progressed. Of course every place had an idea that was correct until the next page had a totally different idea on the correct colours! Typical! So here is my selection, I’ve so many grey shades now I can adjust as needed. Done a
  8. Decided to give my eyes a break from painting the crew. Got about 1/3 of them painted so far. one thing I’ve learnt from this build is just how huge a toothpick is! I finally made a start on the white water. Found my best looking cotton ball and pulled it apart. painted on some Gloss Medium and started on the boundary layer wash. from this ill add the wake and bow bow wave white water.
  9. Won’t tell you how many crew will be on when completed but let’s just say more than 59... less than 61. I am liking the subtle change they add to the ship
  10. This is certainly the best place to be hanging out! 😂 While you have been all fighting over the seats I’ve been learning a lot while I try and work out what aircraft I’ll be building. Happy to have you all along for the ride! For now I’ll just be thinking out loud on here and can summarise what I learn about New Zealand’s part in the RAF as we tend to “slide under the radar” due to our small size and just tagged along and helped support all the major nations operations. In almost all the RAF squadrons there was a kiwi flying at some point during the war.
  11. I completed the tie downs, put ropes around one of the boats that didn’t have a cover on it but it just looked wrong so only wrapped the covered boats. as for the sailors well they take ages to paint and then once on the ship and I sit back they disappear. But look good when you are up close! Here are some close ups of some groups and then the last pic is a full ship view were they and all the other details merge into being a ship. It quite interesting. super close to being finished now. About 45 mor
  12. So decided to take you guys up on your invite to join you down the back here! im just a few weeks away from finishing my ship so was starting to wonder what I’d do once complete. Needed something smaller and fun after the investment of time in a ship build. Ordered the kit and just a few extras so far like seat belt and canopy masking. Won’t do any open hatches or internals apart from the cockpit and that I may enhance slightly but will see what the kit one looks like. This is my idea which I did back to front really. I don’t want to just make the plan
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