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  1. Andy,

    I am currently building the Panart San Felipe.  I noticed on your build that you did not use the recommended blue.  Photos of your build look like you have used a black or very dark blue.  Some comments on the forum suggest that the recommended kit blue would not have been available during that period and a more royal blue would have been used.  Did you use black or a dark blue?

  2. Hi Everyone, It has been awhile since my last post, but I have made a fair amount of progress. the planking has been raised above the 2nd gun deck and all elements of the 2nd deck have been completed. Given my problems with the gun carriages on the lowest deck, I have used dowels to secure the carriages on this deck. I can't imagine them coming loose this time. One of the features of this kit are the elaborate rear galleries, and one of the mysteries of the kit is how in the world do you build them with the materials and instructions supplied. There is only one schematic of how the var
  3. Hi Everyone, The new wale strips arrived and after staining them ebony I have begun installation. I have also completed the lower deck gunport covers and have added them. I had every intention of blackening all the hardware, but in the end decided I liked the look of the shiny bits even though it is probably incorrect. I continue to add additional planking and though it looks a little rough right now it is nothing that sanding, walnut wood filler and walnut stain won't fix. I have also completed the main gun deck, and though it will mostly be covered I have planked the whole thing. The
  4. Hi Everyone, Thanks for all of you comments and suggestions. Mike, I certainly agree that 8000 hours is anal to the extreme. I considered removing the second deck to redo the cannons, but I would also have to remove some of the planking I have completed, and frankly, I think I might completely ruin the ship. The idea of simply removing the barrels, and attaching them to the carriages at a later date is possible, but if you read above, you will see that the kit was missing the metal strips used to attach the barrels to carriages. My improvisation would make it difficult to easily remove the
  5. Hi JP, You are 100% correct. I should have pinned the gun carriages to the deck. I will certainly look for pictures of your completed WvH and thanks for the offer of help if needed. Andy
  6. Hi Everyone, After due consideration, I have decided to take a large step backward on my WvH build. While adding additional planking a big worry I had about the way the build instructions said to build the ship came true. As can be seen above, the lowest deck has 22 fully configured cannons which are glued to the deck and then completely covered up by the next deck up. I knew this was going to be a problem and flattened the wheels to increase the glueable area. I also built 2 mm high frames around the carriages to further increase the glueable area and provide additional stability. In
  7. Hi Piet and Josh, Thanks for responding after my long absence from the forum. One of the habits I need to develop again is checking this build log often so I respond more promptly. I have had to spend some time reorganizing my ship building area and getting my tools sorted out. That, plus the Holidays, slowed down the actual start of the renewed building effort. I have completed the planking of the second deck, and and I have just re-started hull planking to bring is up to the level of the second deck. Pictures will follow soon. Piet, I would be happy to help in any way I can with
  8. Hi Everyone, It's been almost a year since my last post, but believe it or not, I'm still here. Shortly after my final post last January, I ran into another frustration with the build and realized I wasn't having fun anymore. I had been toying with the idea of building an N-scale model railroad and decided the time had come to store away the Wappen von Hamburg and start on a railroad project. That project is now complete, picture below, and it is now time to resume work on the ship. I had packed everything away very carefully, and the ship is just as I left it. I reconfigured my s
  9. Hi everyone, I considered using blackening solution on the canons but decided I liked the way they looked straight from the kit. They are somewhat darkened and not the bright brass normally found in kits. I substituted little strips of wood for the bridge hardware missing from the kits and sanded down toothpicks for the wheel axles.. Since the cannons for the lower deck are completely covered, it will not be noticed, but I ordered the missing hardware for the upper deck cannons. All of the deck furniture and cannons on the lowest deck will be glued down and completely covered, so
  10. Hi Josh, On a single planked hull, you don't really want to use nails and leave a hole in the plank, and trying to clamp each plank would be nearly impossible. The push pins you're talking about are a really great solution, and I have used them on my Wappen von Hamburg. I highly suggest you get yourself a couple of packages of them and use them on your build. Andy
  11. Hi everyone, As promised, now that the Holidays are over I am making more progress on the ship. The lowest deck o the Wappen will eventually be completely covered and viewable only by peeking through the gun ports, but I have decided to treat if as though it were completely viewable. I have taken time on the deck fittings such as the grates and capstan, and have planked the deck. I have not yet glued anything down which is why the gratings seem to be out of line. I have tried several approached to simulate the deck caulking with less than perfect success. This time I used a Bic Ma
  12. Happy New Year Everyone, Its New Year's day and I'm starting 2015 in the right way by finally making a new post. Not much ship building has taken place since Thanksgiving due to travel, holiday family obligations and general merrymaking. Starting now, though, things will be back to normal and more rapid progress will take place on the Wappen von Hamburg. As of today the planking below the waterline has been completed and I have constructed a stand, from scratch, so the ship can sit upright. I'm giving myself a 7.5 out of 10 on the single layer planking process. I had hoped I could do a
  13. Hi Max, Thanks for the comments. This morning I worked on the starboard and port side windows. I played around with the original image and tried to make it look like you were viewing the same cabin from the side. It turned out pretty good, and I am also eager to see how the windows will look on the ship. Andy
  14. Hi Everyone, Planking on the Wappen von Hamburg continues on its slow but steady pace. Because of the way I am securing the planks to the bulkhead, and the fact that I want to give the glue an overnight to dry, I can only do 2 planks a day. I have 14 planks left on each side so I will be done below the waterline in 2 weeks. The slow progress on the planking has given me a chance to accomplish other tasks. There are many castings, both large and small to be painted. Although I have used spray primer on 2 of the larger figures above, I wanted to leave some of the brass showing on m
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