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  1. i know that feeling, we were going to Las Vegas in March, Cancelled, then Caribbean for 7 nights, Cancelled, we should be in Germany right now on Viking River, Cancelled. he are Hoping for Alaska this late June. At least i have models to build. Many Years ago we got lucky while in Bermuda the Tall Sailing Ship Festival just happen to be there. I wish now i had taken more photos.
  2. i would say you have. thanks... i think i will go with the color scheme and keep the mahogany strips for another time. WOW....
  3. hello fellow modelers I have started the A.L Bluenose II and as i have done more and more research i am wondering if i should go "off" instructions and actually paint the hull vs the mahogany strips. I did purchase the "Bluenose" paint package from Model-Expo though i am even unsure if its for II or the original. neither here or there I can always use the colors that came. In the instructions it says to paint the upper hull Black, why not Blue? In the pictures it sure looks blue but never mentioned in the instructions to paint it blue and why would you its already black, DUH. So my question do i go for the Red Bottom and Blue upper and keep the strips for later project or is it one of those "Either Or" decisions. Hope everyone is having a great sunday. Scooter Stuck at home. IMG_5021.HEIC
  4. this is an awesome thread. I have purchased the Blue Nose 2 and this is going to make things a bit easier.
  5. I have searched and searched, does anyone have the instructions for the Bluenose II? i was able to find the Belem 1896 but no luck for the Bluenose II scooter
  6. Hi Everyone, After completing a couple of 15.00 Amazon wooden models, i am sure we all know the ones. I Purchased the Virginia 1819. Long story short My Cardiologist suggested I find a hobby to help me relax. After a Week cruising around the New England Islands and visiting many maritime museums the idea came to me. "Why not a model Ship" Being my first "Real" Model, I did make a few mistakes. one big mistake. i used the deck wood for the hull and really did not figure this out until the hull was done. CRAP!!! then i found Model Ship World and thanks to all the Virginia 1819 Builders. you made it a lot easier. Here are some photos. Next Up is the Belem 1896 6
  7. looking now and getting major help, thank you.
  8. hello, nice build, I am wondering do you have any additional instructions that came with your kit? I am getting a little confused on which pieces to use as the picture book shows of course the numbers and photo, the hull paper is pretty easy and the large book was little or no help when it came to the numbered pieces.
  9. Hello, so glad i found this forum. I haver started the Virginia 1819 from Artesania Latina and have now completed the bottom portion of the model. I am on page 22 of the picture instructions but i am getting a little lost when it comes it which pieces are which as the instructions only come with the paper sheet with the hull, the large book with little information on part numbers and the small picture book. does anyone have or know where to get additional information on what is what. I already goofed and used the thin strips and the hull only to rip them out and use the later pieces. I did recreate my deck using basil wood since i did not have enough of what i trashed. any help or advice would be greatly appreciated Scooter

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