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  1. Great find lgfrench! I'm going through the site and downloading all of the excellent build photos now.
  2. Thanks so much for the valuable feedback. I agree the line included with the kit is difficult to work with. I thought it was just me, but now that I know it is not, I don't feel bad using something else. What is the Gorilla PVA glue you are referring to? I haven't heard of it and moreover, when I went to the hardware store, I wasn't able to find anything in the Gorilla branded glues that referred to PVA. Thanks! --Josh
  3. Hi Peter, I am currently in the process of trying to produce the rope coils for my Syren model as well and was wondering if you had a good technique for producing them. I have found that the line provided with the kit tends to stubbornly want to de-coil. Did you use some sort of jig? What kind of glue did you use to get them to hold their shape? Thanks! Josh P.S. Beautiful job on this build! The work is superb!
  4. Its been a while, yet again, but I finally had a chance to update my blog with a post regarding planking the Wappen von Hamburg: https://wappenvonhamburg.wordpress.com/2018/03/10/planking-the-hull/ For anyone whos listening, I hope you enjoy the post. Best, Josh
  5. Hi Andy, Just noticed today that our go-to source: http://chez-xandra.be/publ/16-1-0-60 ...no longer seems to be available. Did you happen to ever go through and save all the full-res photos from the site? If so, I wouldn't mind getting a hold of these from you if you'd be willing to share them. I could also figure out a good way to host them for any other interested builders. I was even thinking of maybe adding them to my own blog under a resources page or something like that so that this valuable information doesn't get lost to those who need it. Hope to hear from you on this. --Josh
  6. Hi Everyone, I finally had a chance to update my blog with some of my more recent progress on this build: https://wappenvonhamburg.wordpress.com/ Between work, parenthood, and life in general, progress is slow and steady, but I'm a good way through planking at this point. I'll be following up soon with a post specific to planking. I just wanted everyone to know that I'm still around, and diligently working on this challenging project. I also feel it is my obligation to document the build process since there seem to be very limited resources available for this particular model - aside from the very nice Russian blog which users have noted previously. Best, Josh
  7. Looking at the photo of your cannons above, I guess this would mean completely eliminating the strip of metal that secures the barrel to the carriage. Since these cannons are below deck - nobodies going to see that piece missing anyway :,). Then you can just set them in to place later on.
  8. Hi Andy, Any chance you could remove the upper gun deck? I think the key on this may be to avoid placing the actual cannon barrels until the very end of the build, even potentially once all the rigging is completed. I have seriously wondered about this with the WvH and other models I've seen where they place the cannons before actually completing the planking (or even the entire ship)! It seems to me that keeping those cannons in place would be an impossible task, as they are just begging to be knocked loose. Anyway, my idea is this: 1) Remove the upper gun deck so you can access the cannons. 2) Rework the cannons in such a way as so the carriages can be placed on deck without the barrels. This would even allow you to rig the carriages if you so chose. For the cannons that are hidden below deck, I think that simply setting the barrels into the carriage toward the end of the build and securing them with a drop of glue would be acceptable. 3) Replace the upper gun deck by taking the pieces you have left from the original (surely they will break as you remove it), and transposing them to new plywood which can then be cut to shape. Let me know your thoughts on this. As you know, I will be up against the exact same challenge so I will be curious to get your feedback. Best of luck, and things are looking great despite the set back and frustrations. --Josh
  9. Hi Andy, Great to see you are back on this build. I was wondering when we might get some updates. I've been lax with updates on my side as well and will be sure to post some soon. Looking forward to following along again. Best, Josh
  10. Hi anyone who is wondering... I'm back. I've been making some progress on this build over the past year - slowly but surely and I'll post some updates soon. --Josh
  11. Hi Andy, Any good recommendation on how to shape the tapered square stock that is intended to be used for the masts? I've been using a combination belt and disk sander to round them off, but this is very tedious, and prone to imperfections introduced by the edge of the belt and disk. --Josh
  12. Anyone have a good recommendation on how to shape the tapered square stock that is intended to be used for the masts? I've been using a combination belt and disk sander to round them off, but this is very tedious, and prone to imperfections introduced by the edge of the belt and disk. --Josh
  13. This particular kit is sitting on my shelf. I'll definitely be following your progress with keen interest. Looking forward to lots of updates! --Josh
  14. Well, it was a little bit of both. I originally contracted with a wood worker to build it, but he was never able to finish it. I ended up finally getting ahold of all the pieces, and finishing it up myself. Luckily, the bottom table portion was completed before I took over the project. Its made from Cherry and acrylic sheet. I'm very happy with how it turned out, but it was a really big project. Ideally, I'd like to just have this one case that I can use to display my most recent build while I cycle out the older build. I really only have room to display one at a time. Anyone have any good advice on how to get rid of one of these things once you're finished?
  15. Ah, yes. After closer examination, I see the bulkhead you are referring to. I'm think that this one may have just been mis-aligned for the photo, but thanks for the heads up. I'll double check it when I get home today. Its really great to have other members who can review your work and provide this type of feedback before a minor problem now, becomes a major headache in the future! --Josh

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