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  1. Can someone tell me how to add the stuff below my posts like my name , what I'v built , what I'm building and whats under the bench ?
  2. Carefully fitted each bulkhead to the center keel. Every one of the slots for the bulkheads on the keel needed attention. I used a emory board for this and it worked fine. After assembling the keel and frames a few times I was finally satisfied and began gluing the bulkheads. Thee first three , A , B , and C were a little sloppy so I added fillers pieces. The rest , so far fit fine and I'm following the instructions. That's it for now as my arthretic hands are telling me to stop.
  3. I then began work on the bulkheads. Again I listened to Mr Earl and made copies of the frame plans , cut them out leaving one side normal and the other cut to thee fairing line. These got two sided tape and were stuckto the actual bulkhead and traced the fairing to the bulkhead , flipped over and repeated on the other side.
  4. Well I got to the point with my 18th Cem\ntury long boat where it seemed finished so I'm starting my second build , MS's Armed Virginia Sloop. I've read the instructions several times especially the beginning. Next I cut out all the bulkheads , the false keel and the stempost , keel and stem. I followed John Earls advice and " cut " theerabbit beforeI installed the sten , keel and sternpost. It just seemed more practical
  5. BTW the " background " in the first shot is my model railroad. Space is becoming rare in the workshop.
  6. Rigging all finished and cannons , anchor and accessories installed. I've decided not to install the gold decorations. They just look too British and I'm imagining this could be an American longboat. Finished. Time to clean up the shipyard and get read for the Armed Virginia Sloop.
  7. Got the boom installed and attached to the horse. Really don't like this rope.
  8. And BTW where did you get that handy little thing. I've got a Unimat but too short to do much.
  9. Rigging : something I've never done and something I might never be able to do. I'm not sure it's the instructions or me but this is HARD. Finished the standing rigging. Had to order some line from Chuck at Syren. Some of the stuff in the kit wasn't usable but I got it done.I still can't tie a clove hitch but CA makes up for some of my weekneses
  10. I'm also missing some rings. I'll try to make them outa' wire but I'm not real confident.
  11. Some more progress. Ore locks installed , main mast , boom and gaff done but probably not tapered enough , bow sprint completed and installed. I also fought with the rudder till it was perfect , installed and glued it and VOILA , it's not parallel with the keel. Right now I'm too frustrated to mess with it further , maybe later.
  12. Griphos , at mine you can , balsa wood as well. Jim , havn't the slightest idea
  13. More progress. Didn't like the instructions for the cap rails so I went to Hobby Lobby and bought a sheet of boxwood and made them as one piece including the brest hook. Also installed the thwart knees, transom knees , windlass , lifting rings , locker hinges , horse and all four cannon mounts. Got the orelocks but they arn't installed yet. Installed the rubrails also.

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