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  1. Some photos of my Caldercraft H.M.S Mars. I added also a little bit ideas inspired by models from various historic collections and a lot of fine examples on this forum.
  2. Thanks for the nice comments! Concerning the wood, just a good sanding. The one in the background, well, she is the Fly. Will try to find some time for good pictures of her, but one to give an impression!
  3. 'Long time ago', I promised to show the finished model of my Lady Nelson. Well, finally, here she is!
  4. Yes, Thomas, I nearly finished the rigging. Expect new pictures soon. Thanks for the comments. There are a lot of nice examples on this forum that can help you!
  5. Gregor, they look lovely and in the right proportions! My Lady Nelson is armed with 3 pdr guns but I decided to replace them by Caldercraft 4 pdr guns. Compared with the historical models, the 3 pdr guns look very small. Moreover, I don't like the metal carriages supplied with the kit. For a decent rigging, the wooden carriages are more easy to handle! Peter
  6. Thanks for the nice words! This forum is a great help for me to achieve this result. Also the pictures of historical models, for example in the National Maritime Museum, give a lot of inspiration. Now, I'm going to concentrate on the rigging.
  7. Hello everyone, This is my modest attempt on the excellent HM Cutter Lady Nelson kit. At this stage, the hull is almost ready. Inspired by some outstanding examples in this forum, I decided to add some nice little details. I do not have much time to send many posts to show all progress. So, the next post will take a while... Enjoy the pictures! Peter
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