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  1. Ahoy Bob Thanks dear sir for the reply and heads up The dead eyes in the kit are made from lead and the rest of the fittings are white metal or lead I had no idea that they would deteriorate in time. All of the metal parts in the kit were primed with zinc Chromatic green and my fingers are crossed that they don't f deteriorate at my age it will be a long while probably be in Davy jones locker with a shot at my feet. A great kit Bob I had this kit since 1954 I got about every Marine model Kit they made in my stash all 1950s vintage. Thanks Bob for tuning in I am honored st
  2. Ahoy Thank you dear sir for the reply. I am happy you enjoyed my you tube videos not very professional but it good as it will get for this old man I am working on 8 sailing vessels at once. I will be posting my 1954 kit of the Boucher and Lewis Play Things now Bluejacket Flying cloud Clipper. thanks Dear friend for the reply I am honored. Boats
  3. :piratebo5:Dennis Thanks dear sir for the reply yes sir I remember you on Model Ship forum a great site not as fast as this forum Whewwwwwwwwwwww I cant keep up with you guys build threads are like Houdini now you see it and now you don't LOllllllllllllllllllllllll. Great to hear from you again here is a great place to be thanks Shipmate for reply I am honored. Boats
  4. Ahoy Mike Thanks dear sir for the reply she is coming along I am working on the standing rigging as of now I will have an update of this by late this evening or tomorrow sometime. A one of a kind kit for certain. Thanks Mike Happy modeling sir. Boats
  5. Ahoy Here is another update The model is now ready for its standing rigging all of the backing links have been installed to the hull and chain plates each and every backing link has two small tree nails nailed in to chain plates and the hull for strength exactly like the real vessel. I spent about 4 hours last evening for touch up work here and there no matter how great the builder is there is always a flaw somewhere un noticed by the builder himself. With all of the detailed that is compiled in to this kit is done with my Naked eyes no magnifiers here for my age of 75 this is a
  6. Ahoy David Thank you for your reply As of now I am preparing for the standing rigging I am going back and doing some tune up and touch here and there before I proceed with the rigging. My hands left off this thing for 15 years or so. Now I am going back and go over where my hands left off. stay tuned Dear sir I have another update before the rigging starts. Boats
  7. Ahoy Chris I don't understand I posted both of my build threads here as shown New topic. if there is another build of same on the forum I stand corrected. Boats
  8. Ahoy I ma working on this one next to my Charles Morgan whale Ship back to back builds Matter of fact I am working on 7 of these ships of sail. I got this kit for my 64th birthday 10 years ago looked like a great kit to build this is the first time I had seen a plank on bulkhead construction usually they are all solid hulls. As of now I am working on the main mast and the channels and chain plates will follow next and she to will be ready for the standing rigging. Boats
  9. Ahoy Mike Thank you Dear Sir for the comment this such a huge forum I had no idea how fast each of the builder threads rotate to the next page. I had second thoughts that I posted the wrong model here on the forum with no replies. your the first and I am honored. All of these models on my gallery were scratch built except my 1956 Sterling American Scout merchant man.. Mike stay tuned I have another update I have all of the backing links completed the mighty Charles Morgan is ready for the standing rigging. Thanks Mike
  10. From the album: Steel Navy The Battle Line

    Here is my Battleship USS MAINE A ship that brought us into the Spanish American War. I built this out of paper in the scale of 1/16th equals 1/192 scale.
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