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  1. Here is my Sergo Mantua kit of the HMS VICTORY IN 1/75 SCALE I built tis kit in 1978 when it first came out in production.
  2. From the album: Steel Navy The Battle Line

    USS MARYLAND BB-47 overhead view of the quarter deck and views cage mast were made from fuse wire
  3. From the album: Steel Navy The Battle Line

    USS MARYLAND BB-47 starboard quarter overhead shot
  4. From the album: Steel Navy The Battle Line

    USS MARYLAND port quarter bow shot
  5. Ahoy hope everyone had a safe and wonderful thanks giving Day. Okay from the last update I have now installed all of the chain plates and dead eyes now I am working on the backing links to the stropps of the chain plates. Each and everyone of these assemblies have been soldered old school style For a 80 year old kit she is going together very well for me although not very popular here on the forum compared what on the forum but this is a old school kit for a old 75 year old dude. Next will be the completion of the chain backing links and she will be ready for the standing riggi
  6. Here are some more pictures I been at this all day I painted and stained the mast got all of the deck fittings in place. The anchor has been installed going through the hause pipe via windless into the chain locker.I added two coats of varnish on the Galls roofs letting her dry over night next I will go to the chain plates all dead eyes are stropped and soldered when done I will add to the hull and she is ready for the rigging. A different build compared to whats on the forum a different kit she is and old. Boats
  7. Ahoy Update for the day. All mast are painted ands stained letting it dry over night the mast have not been glued down yet these I never glue down they will be put on last when the standing rigging is achieved. This is the first time I picked up on the kit in 15 years got get her finished although out of character compared whats on the forum different but usual. boats
  8. Ahoy New here to the forum although I signed up many years back but never posted anything so I will start with this one. Okay shipmates this is a out of production and lost forgotten kit manufacture of yesteryear. I obtained this kit in 1954 been working on her off and on for decades on end now its time to get her done. The hull is still being fitted out and I just completed the three mast assemblies these old Marine model kits are old school kits back in those days they give you everything but a display case back then I paid $14.95 a lot of money back in that day but well spent com
  9. Ahoy Jay It looks very well done from my view, The build is very clean just take your time durring the build model ship building is a time consumeing hobby it requires lots of time.the slower the build the more preffesional it will look. your craftmanship is excellent. Boats
  10. Ahoy Jay Thank you very much for your reply most modlers feel its a pitty to paint over brass I am one of them but if will be more realistic if painted with several coats of flat black wash. Even though i am goin to rig the cannons on my Bounty they will be done before I get started on the mizzenmast, I havent paind any attention to this model for more then 26 years ago. Reason for it not being finihsed in all those years I had other projects that needed to get square away. In 2 weeks she will be done I already have aplexi glass dust cover made for her already. I love to se
  11. Ahoy I am new here to this site I hope I fit in, this will be my first post This is my 1979 kit of the Billings HMS BOUNTY scale 1/50, I started this many years ago but never got it finished it is calling on me, if i dont get this done it would be a waste of money and time. As you can see the kit has been started and about 80 percent completed please excuse the pictures they will improve as the build continues... I have hundreds upon hundreds of builds i have completed and aboput 56 of them that need to be finished.. When I complete this vessel I will finish up on my 1939
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