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  1. I've Been practicing how to seize the blocks for the cannons. This is like the 30th attempt. Each attempt is getting better. I used the black thread just so it would show up in the photo. Debating whether to switch out the rope with the rope made by Syren. I still want to get in more practice making these before deciding if what I'm doing warrants it. I have been using the method used by J Brent that is on youtube. The only difference is I used 2 vises and 2 hemostats to hold everything.
  2. I used a pair of bead landing round nose pliers from Michaels For straighten the hook I used a bead landing flat nose plier from Michaels For clipping I used a pair of Xuron flush cutters, that I have had for the last 10 years. I couldn't hold the camera while making one and take pictures, so I drew out the steps Grasp the 28 gauge wire with the round nose pliers Wrap the wire around the plier Reposition the wire for the next bend Finish making the hook I used the flat nose pli
  3. Made the hooks for the blocks. I'm assuming that being so small I'm going to lose quite a few of them so made 30 extra. Also made a jig to drill the holes for the eyebolts, to keep them consistent.
  4. Decided to skip the head rails for now and started on the carronades. To make the pins for the cannon, I used a 1/6 dowel and turned it down in a drill using a wire stripper as a makeshift draw plate and then gave it a light sanding. To drill the holes for the eyebolts, I used I used a dremel in their drill stand using some micro drills I picked up a Harbor Freight. All of the parts ready for assembly.
  5. Eyebolts installed in the channels. I used the 28 gauge wire and wrapped around 1/16" drill bit. Stern is now complete. Just the sheaves remain.
  6. Oops, the starboard channels by the stern were in the wrong position, along with the steps. Was able to carefully remove and place them in the proper position. Port side is now almost complete also, have to still do the sheaves and scuppers along with some eyebolts. Then on to the gunport doors on the stern. Can't believe I've been on chapter 9 for over 2 years now. Feels good to finally be making progress again.
  7. More progress on chapter 9, there are a lot of pieces to do in this chapter, starboard side is almost complete.
  8. Gun port door and sweep port hinges are now installed on the starboard side. Progress has been slow to date, but I'm happy how it is coming out.
  9. What glue has everyone used for the sweep port hinges, I've used 5 minute epoxy on the gun door hinges, but I'm worried that may make a mess on the sweep port hinges.
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