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  1. Got some time today to start the starboard side gun port doors. Spent 1/2 an hour looking for one of the hinges on the floor, finally found it. Does anyone know if there are extras supplied in the kit ? I think I'll need to straighten up the work shop before going further. Barely enough room to sit right now.
  2. I haven't given up, the gun port doors are now installed on one side. The doors are made for the other side, yet not installed yet. The past year has been crazy as we have been going thru 2 mergers at the same time.
  3. Making progress on the gun port doors, 3 installed. The more I have made the rabbet cuts the better I've gotten at making them. Must have made 50+ doors to come up with 20 that I'm happy with. Not perfect, but I can live with the result.
  4. I didn't take it that way at all. At this point, I have ordered some boxwood strips to see if I can get a better rabbet cut with that wood. I'll keep the ones I have so far and see if I can make better ones. They have gotten better as I have made more of them. If this is the best I can do, I'll be happy knowing that I gave it my best shot.
  5. So far on this build, this has been the most frustrating part. Not sure why I can't get a consistent rabbet on the gun port doors. Not sure how many I have tried to make. These are the best I have been able to do. 1 side done, one to go. They're just sitting there, not installed yet.
  6. Not much progress, but I think I've found d a way to get a consistent rabbet on the gun port doors. I placed an xacto blade on top a metal ruler and lightly scored to cut the rabbet. The result while not perfect is much better than what I was trying to do with a file. I'm happy enough to proceed with the rest of the doors.
  7. Having trouble making the rabbits on the gun port doors. Working with a file. The one on the left is the fifth try. They look rather sloppy. How have others made this rabbet cut ? I don't have access to a drill press or milling machine. I could easily see that either would be handy here.
  8. I would add the other planking bands and see where they end up. From there you can adjust if needed.
  9. And yes, I did catch that it was upside down, before the epoxy dried. That could have been bad. Need to pay closer attention to detail.
  10. I hope there are not too many more of those rings to make. I must have a couple dozen of them on the floor. They are no that easy to hold on to while trying to thread them on the eye hook. I think I need to invest in some pliers for jewelry making. Mine are just too big to handle the small rings. One side down, one to go.
  11. Now that I'm using the 28 gauge wire, I was able to make them smaller. That's about as small as I can work with. I wrapped the wire around a 4d finish nail and used pair of micro snippers to cut them free. I was using the thicker 22 gauge wire before.
  12. Split rings added to 4 eyebolts. I don't think I can make them any smaller. Still need to solder them shut. How do others make these smaller ?

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