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  1. Thanks for that Peta. Actually those instructions are pretty understandable. Shouldn't be a problem. 😀
  2. Hi Peta, Please can you or someone explain or preferably show how to remove this little boat from the jig. Every build I have followed where one of these small Master Korabel boats are being built says exactly the same thing. "Remove from jig", but nobody shows or explains how to do this. I have built the MK0102 and almost destroyed my build trying to remove it from the jig. I am about to build this one, and do not want to go through the same heart stopping procedure again. Many thanks, Tony
  3. Hi Peta, Please may I congratulate you on a most beautiful build. Your attention to detail is superb. Love it. 🥇
  4. Hi Eugene, Please could you advise what oil you are using? It looks real good. Many thanks, Tony
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