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  1. I have been reading through this build from the beginning and must say that you have done a wonderful job so far! She definitely appears an elegant vessel. I too, am looking forward to seeing her in commission. Go Ballahoos! Cheerio, Caleb
  2. Excellent build, Keith! It seems a very neat little vessel; would you recommend it to others for their first wooden build also? I attempted a scratch-build of HM Cutter Alert (1777), but I am now thinking I should start out with a simple kit first. Best of luck with it all, hope to see more soon! Caleb
  3. No, I'm not scared off that easily! Sorry, Gents, I just haven't got around to doing anything more with it Yes, in fact druxey is correct, something indeed went wrong there. If I find the time, I shall have to begin again My apologies, indeed. Cheerio, Caleb
  4. Good morning Gentlemen, Well, for those of you who may not have read my previous thread (below), this is my first attempt at a scratch-build, using Goodwin's (extremely helpful) guide for the Cutter Alert of 1777. I have drawn out each individual scantling/rib (whatever you may call it) on paper, then card, using the plans illustrated in Goodwin's guide. If using the traditional method of paper/pencil, be sure to have a waste paper basket nearby I watched a video of a card build of the Alert (this one manufactured by Shipyard models), just to see the method of construction and how to go about it. Each scantling was then glued to the main section using PVA. So, as you gentlemen see below, I have now begun this wild project and so far, I am quite pleased with it. I look forward to hearing any advice you chaps may have for me. Cheerio, Caleb
  5. I just happened to barge in on this topic, which I am quite glad I did. I am a WWI aviation enthusiast, so I have found your discussion most interesting. Best of luck with the model CDW, I look forward to more photos of the build. Caleb
  6. Yep, paper, pencil, eraser and a waste paper basket Thanks gentlemen for your contribution, it is much appreciated. I will give it a try soon and let you know how I fare, using Goodwin's guide for 'Alert'. Cheers, Caleb
  7. No worries at all Craig, we're all learning new things here I'm pretty sold on the HMS. Alert of 1777, now that I have 129 pages of plans solely on that ship! Just have to work out how to draw up my own bulkheads, should be an interesting exercise indeed. Bruce do you have any advice on how you measured your own bulkheads? I may be looking at at a scale of 1/90. Will keep you informed. Cheers, Caleb
  8. Hello All, I thank you all very much for your welcomes and replies. I had two vessels in mind, firstly the Cutter Sandwich of 1805 (same ship as the Sandwich of 1798), or the Entreprenante of 1799. I do not know of any pictures, models, illustrations of Sandwich to actually exist, but you chaps may be able to tell me otherwise. I have just acquired the plans for the Alert of 1777, but as Bruce said, there is a difference between plans and bulkhead/rib templates! I was hoping for a template of sorts. Another thing to let you all know: as this is my first scratch build, I have decided on doing a card/paper model, similar to that of the Alert by Shipyard models. I do not have all the timber machinery, but I have always enjoyed making things from cardboard, so I will try my hand at a card/paper model (with extras such as dowel for mast/bowspirit etc). Thanks again. Cheers, Caleb
  9. Hello Gentlemen, I am the new 'Middy' on the block from Australia! I am attempting a scratch-build of a Royal Navy Cutter (circa 1790's) and I am wondering if anyone has a template I could use for the hull structure/ribbing? It would save me a lot of work and time if this was obtainable and I would have peace of mind that the hull is entirely symmetrical, rather than trying to measure and draw my own. I thank you in advance. Cheerio, Caleb

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