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  1. I recently started to learn the airbrush, I got a Badger Patriot 105 ($75), a California Air 1P1060 compressor ($100), plus $25 for a 6-pack of paint. I'm no expert but from my research this is a decent basic system. So far I've mastered full on (like a spray can); I'm doing some line exercises to learn finer control.
  2. Thank you for the comments. I work towards perfection but fortunately I'm not a perfectionist. I recognize my skill level and eventually say it's good enough. I'm happy with the experience and I'll do it again.
  3. Working with the small parts was hard, I'm not accustomed to working with small parts and I haven't mastered using tweezers yet. The windshield was a bear to do and I'm not very happy with the way it turned out. The real boat has an odd bulbous feature on the bow which I tried to replicate but failed. I wanted the base to emulate a wake, I cut two pieces of oak at an angle and glued them together. I got frustrated several times during this build but I decided to see it through, I wanted to know if I could build it and to what level of quality I'm at (I need improvement). I misplaced the flag staffs, the bow light doesn't have a hole for a shaft, I found a piece of the material so I'll add a flag staff to the rear. My next kit will be the Planking kit I've seen in this forum. I am trying to decide what kind of kit I want to try after that.
  4. I'm glad I came across this log. I was frustrated with planking during my first build. I found a reference to the kit and I'm considering it for my second build. I'll be referencing your build.
  5. I painted the water line red and the rub rail bumpers chrome. Masking the areas was trickier than I expected. I repainted the water line three times and it got kinda thick. I also painted the bright parts but I haven't mounted them yet. I used the mirror chrome that usedtosail recommended and that stuff looks pretty good. I haven't figured out how to deal with the chrome trim decal for the windshield. The decal is gray, I'm considering painting it chrome but I don't see how I can work with it I paint it. I might look into foil. I forgot the foot steps for the deck so I have to work those too.
  6. After my first experience planking I decided my next kit will be chosen to work on planking. Do you have a recommendation for a kit to help me learn planking?
  7. Tru Oil is used on gun stocks and knife handles. I used it on a couple of fish filet knife kits and I'm working on an Ulu knife. (In the picture you can see that I collected the saw dust on the instructions which I used to make a slurry to fill gaps).
  8. I installed the rub rails, bumpers, and coning; it was messy. Mistake # 7 I didn’t read the manual. The step describing the application of the half round styrene rod material should be done before finishing the wood. I didn’t do that. After making a CA glue mess on the finish and my fingers I sanded down to wood to apply the half round styrene rod material. I use CA glue to finish wood when turning pens; CA glue doesn’t stick to the pen part bags so I used a couple bags to help position the material before I hit it with accelerator to instantly cure the glue. Once I came up with a better process, I managed to glue the rub rail on the edge of the deck and the bumpers. The perfectionist in me wasn’t happy with parts of the job but the practical side said it was good enough. I’m not willing to try to fix my mistakes because I might make it worse (which is what I should do for the learning experience) but I don’t want to spend unlimited time on the task. The instructions say to install the cockpit coning on top of the deck. The real boat has it on the inside edge and I decided to give it a try. I used a hair dryer to see if the coning would take the inside turn, it worked. Next up is to paint the rub rail and bumper chrome and paint the cockpit coning the seat color. I’m trying to decide if I want to paint the bottom. All of the real boats have the bottoms painted (I assume for water protection reasons) and the color is mostly copper but some use the color of the interior. I’m also trying to determine what color to paint the water line. White is the most popular but the interior color is used sometimes; I'm considering red if I don’t paint the bottom.
  9. I've started to learn the air brush with a Badger Patriot, California Air compressor, and Createx paint. I'm also looking into a spray booth. I came across a video of a Master B400 portable spray booth. It is self contained and folds up for compact storage.
  10. It turned out nice. I like the detail of the the foot steps. What did you use for the case, and how did you cut it?

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