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  1. Excellent Craftsmanship very impressed with order of the engine compartment.
  2. You did a GREAT job on your Dory, Just remember the kits in this series are learning projects. I made the same kit and had challenges as well. I did not start a build log but as I go on to the Pram as you mentioned that is going to be my second build, and will probably list a build log due to needing advice. I am pretty much finished but here are a couple of pictures. Was missing dowel for thole pins and decided to make them myself, Was kinda a challenge but found a way to make them from square balsa sticks to round ones.used the supplied rope that came with the kit but had to make holes a little bigger by using modelers hand operated drill. Just remember don't beat yourself over the head to hard there's to many others that will do that IF YOU LET THEM !!!!!! JUST DONT LET THEM. GREAT BUILD will be watching for more builds.
  3. It's been many years scence I have built. Just ordered this kit. Excelent work you have done, your log will be very helpful as I take on this challange. Where would I be able to see or get Chucks practicum at ?
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