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  1. Ok, I have completed the preliminary rigging of the ship and getting ready to add the sails, as I previously stated, I am planning to use parchment paper for the sails, ( see a example of a sail made with this material on this tread) as to the color for the sails, I am playing with the idea of leaving them unpainted since this paper has a light shade of brown that looks like the color of a real sail. Will check with the Admiral to see if she agreed. Following is a photo ( not a very good one, sorry ) of the ship as it stands today. Until next time Joe
  2. Thank you sir. On the topic of the shrouds and rat lines, be prepare to expend quit of bit of time doing them, they took me over a month because, due to the work been so tedious, I only could work on them for maybe an hour a day. I am a hipper individual, so having to so such a tedious work is very difficult for me. The work on your ship is magnificent, but, I do not think that I would have the patient to do what you are doing. I do not think that I could expend several months or years doing the model the way you are doing it. Wright now, I am hoping to finish this model in 3 or 4 moths,
  3. Thank you sir for your encouragement, coming from some one with your expertise, is very valuable to me. I have finally completed all the shrouds and rat lines, it took me over a month to complete them, although I fully aware that they could have been done better, taking into consideration that is the first time I do this type of work, I think they came out quite decent. Attached are 3 new photos of how the ship looks after completing the shrouds, my next step is to start working on the cross members and their installation. Well, until next time, were I hope to have gotten closer
  4. Thanks for your comments, in regard to my technique for painting the small details, here they are: Nice strong light Reading glasses A very small brush And finally, lots, lots of patience. I did the painting over 3 or 4 days, and took my sweet time, I do not know the number on the brush, but I used the smaller size on my collection and one of good quality. I would only dip the end of it just to get it wet then very careful I painted the surface. It helped that the areas to be painted are raised. I did the gold painting before I started to build the ship, I
  5. Here is an update. I have completed the lower shrouds for the lower parts of the 3 masts and added the rat lines, I also completed adding the ropes to the gun ports, installed the anchor and added all the parts that contain most of the bright gold color. In addition I added a small piece of plastic part to the area behind the figurehead, painted it black and added some hand painted gold figurines. My next step is adding the shrouds lines to the second mast level. Following are some photos to illustrate my progress, If I can say so myself, the ship is coming better that I expected. Today,
  6. Same here, I find it hard to do the seizing, it feels that I need 3 or 4 hands to be able to come out with something that looks somewhat decent. Part of the problem may be that I am no longer a spring chicken, having gone trough 76 of those springs. LOL Joe
  7. The building of this ship has been a slow process, I have run into several problems, including mistakes made due to the hard to follow French instructions, another modeler provided me with the Japanese version of the same instructions that, being a lot clearer, allowed me to continue with the build. Then, when I started to do the shrouds, I got very frustrated due to having to work with such small parts, to the point that I almost abandon the project, but, I rested for a couple of days plus did some research in the Internet, that allowed me to find the solutions to my problems. Attached i
  8. Hello there! It has some time since I updated this blog, reason being that I reached a point were, due to the confusing French instructions and rigging schematics, I did not understand what I needed to do next. Luckily, a friend of my that is also into modeling ships, had a set of Japanese instructions for the same ship that are outstanding in how clear the rigging instruction are, together with the French instruction and the English translation I now able to make sense of what and how things are to be done. As can be seen in the attached photo, I am getting ready to start the first phase
  9. Thanks, I found it. I went ahead and look at the rendition of the Royal by Hobac's Historian, He did a magnificent work on the ship, I am afraid that my ship is not going to be as good as his, but, due to my level of expertise, I do not believe that I can duplicate the works that he has done. Maybe, after I have done a few more models and in another 2 years or so, I may be able do something closer to Hobac's Historian work. Joe
  10. Please do! but, also please tell me were is the build log section is located within the blog. Thanks Joe
  11. I have started the build of a Heller Le Solei Royal, my level of expertise in building models is of an advanced beginner (LOL). I know I am unable to turn out some build at the level of some of the very well done ships I have seen in this blog, but I will do my best and build the ship as good as I can. Attached are some photos of the hull, I am still in the process of double checking the hull in an attempt to find and correct any errors, and also to fix any paint details, once I am done with this process I will start installing the masts. I intent to do my own shrouds and rat line (I
  12. I have build the model, it is a nice model to build and most of the parts do fit, you will still have to done some readjustments, but they can be easily done. I would recommend, if you feel to it, is to do the shrouds and rag lines and not use the plastic ones that comes with the ship, they do not align properly and do not look very real, I made that mistake and now is too late to replace them. It is something to consider. Following are some photos:
  13. Something to try, LOL, Thanks I just submitted a photo of my workbench, it is located on the "So Where Do You do yours" tread which has the workbench of many of the folks in this blog. I am attaching the photo here so you do not have to go hunting for the tread. Joe
  14. I am planning to make my own sails for my current build ( Heller Le Solei Royal ) I am thinking of using the paper sail making technique explained in this tread, in regards to making the sail looks like they are being pushed by the wind, I read in another blog were, when the sail was being build, to put in a very thing wire on the edges and cover it up, the wire will make it easy to make the sails because you can bend the wire so they sail look like it is furled. Is is my intend to try the combination of paper making technique and the wire to see how it works out, once I tried it I will m
  15. Hello There! I am a new member and this is my first post, my present workbench is a 2 x 4 board that I attached some legs, an added a peg board. It is not pretty, but does the job. You guys are right when predicting that we start in this hobby with a few tools and they keep growing and growing, I started with a $25 set of basic tools from Amazon, and now have a airbrush, more tweeters, small parts cabinet and other junk. Right now I am sharing a small corner of my TV room but I am negotiating with the Admiral to let me have one of the guess rooms we no longer use. I hope my negotiations w
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