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  1. Thanks to everyone for the welcome and tips! It’s very much appreciated!
  2. Hello, Ive been searching this site for a couple of weeks now and really enjoy the builds. I’m impressed with the friendship and advice I see on builds and signed up to be a part of a great community. I’m basically new to shipbuilding. I built the Revell USS Constitution WAY back in High School but haven’t built a ship model since. Have been building aircraft for a while though. I work in plastic, but would like to build a wooden ship, but I just can’t wrap my head around doing the planking! Lol! Thanks for such a great site!
  3. Hi All, New to this site and ship building. Been hunkering down here in Houston waiting for the hurricane to pass so I’ve had time to look at all of these builds. Y’all do some really amazing work! Especially the PE work. I’ve always like ships from the IJN. I’ve got some things in the mail and should start maybe the Tone shortly. Thanks for all the great inspiration!
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