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  1. Thanks for kind words. I usually build plane models and this was a different direction. I have since started a WWII Uboat that is a simple enough build, but will be a painting/weathering challenge. More to come!
  2. I built this exact Revell Cutty Sark model when it was new in the 1970's with my dad. It got destroyed at some point in a move and when I saw this kit on e-bay I had to build it again. He has since passed away but I think he would have appreciated the finished product again. I have always liked the Cutty and my daughter and I had a chance to visit the real one in Greenwich, England a few years ago. It was beautiful. If you ever get a chance then go see it, what a marvelous museum. After that trip I found this model and I was hooked again. I took me about 600 hours to build and rig her. I decided not to put the sails on as that is the way she is now in Greenwich. I bought some brass fittings and railings from a Czech Republic modelling company and they really added to the realistic look. It was a royal pain drilling out the holes for the brass railings and then running ultrathin wire through the holes in each. Some of the plastic was very brittle and it was almost 50 years old and several masts I had to heat up slightly to straighten them a bit. Amazingly, this kit had nothing missing after all these years and in an open box. When she was finished I built a display case which now sits in my living room. Had to get he bosses approval first though! I think it came out nice. What do you all think?
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