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  1. I don't think we have wipe on poly here in the UK? I'm not sure what it is. I just don't like paint (or it doesn't like me, as I am an idiot ha ha!). Anyway, look, I'm just learning, and I really value your comments. This site has been so helpful that I did make a token donation, I felt it right as I have learnt so much. I'm loving this journey and I don't really care if I mess up along the way.
  2. Well, if I'm allowed, I'll just share a different kind of thing I made few years back. I used to be an aerobatic display pilot so this topic was dear to my heart ha ha! (Then again I was in the navy for a bit, am from a naval family, and also used to navigate racing yachts but these days I'd rather never actually be on a boat again. I like them to look at though.
  3. Well your comment was very helpful as it triggered me to do something that I kind of knew had to be done. But that's the joy of staining; as I am an infant at this, I think it's just experiment and sand off if you don't like it. This really is my first time ha ha! Anyway, I have arrived at this which I really like. Keel and stem will be black.
  4. Ha ha well put Glenn. I've decided it's a rubbish one. Which I think is what you meant, and you'd be correct if you did. I've just sanded the whole lot off and will try again.
  5. Quick update in case anyone is looking. I wanted a battered antique look to the hull, so attempted that using various layers of different stain and sanding. Didn't entirely work (you could say that it looks like a lump of chocolate with bits of mould on it). But the colour variations are rather less dramatic in the flesh than in the pic. And anyway it's my first attempt at planking, so....that's my story and I'm sticking to it! Have learnt a lot for next time.
  6. Hi all I'm trying to build a civilianised version of a 1/64 British navy cutter and want to hang a boat off stern davits, which I will have to scratch build. I'm fine with the davits themselves, but don't know how falls work or what they should look like, both at the davit and the boat ends. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance if you can.
  7. Such a beautiful build. It's inspiring me to some thoughts for my own attempt at a 1/64th cutter, which is not massively dissimilar. Not that I will achieve your standard but your pictures definitely give me aspirations, so big thanks to you.
  8. Well I'm a rank amateur too, but, hey, it's a hobby! You did well not to buy that Hobby Zone thing, it's really not very good, cheap mdf. You can do better with strips stuck to a board to hold the keel and a suction vice to keep it vertical, I think. My HobbyZone slip is now tucked away. You're off to a good start, clearly. Looks like you've marked out fairing lines? I just finished my first planking and Chuck's edge bending videos were extremely helpful, life became much easier once I had absorbed what he was getting at. 3D geometry. Enjoy your build. And your retir
  9. Thank you Glenn. And yes, that is a very good point I hadn't thought of, thanks again!
  10. Thank you for replies. Did indeed edge bend, 0.5mm tanga. Almost finished now, my first attempt at planking, hope I can gently sand it without going too far....
  11. Thanks VTH. Haven't yet installed the bulwark planks or top rail but will keep an eye out for that when I do.
  12. Perhaps a slightly better sense of it now that second planking is nearly done (before sanding and tidying up). Think I might tone down to two brighter strips though, they are looking a little incongruous.
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