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  1. Hello - some more steps forward. Masts shaped and dry fitted along with the gaff boom. Bowspit also dry fitted plus some blocks. The Yards and Driver Gaff shaped and ready to be fitted. Some steps have been added. Some eyelets attached to tiller but not sure how I am going to rig it up as the steps are close by. Another view. Thank you very much JpR62 for your lovely comments - much appreciated. Also thank you for looking in and the 'likes'
  2. Hello - more bits and pieces done. The channels and deadeyes fixed into position - pinned and glued. The angle of the strops was done by tying thread to the mast at the correct height and aligning it with the deadeye. The catheads fixed into position with two grooves cut out and a dowel inserted through the side. The bolts are just brass wire inserted and a drop of black paint added. The pumps have been shortened - hopefully a more suitable size. May buy some of those sailor figures seen on some builds which probably helps with the sc
  3. Hello - just a short update. Pumps now in place - look a large feature on the deck. Maybe made them too big. Fixed the what ever it is called skirt around rudder. Copied this from tkay 11. Made the round fitting from scrap ply and not brass. Thank you for looking in and the 'Likes' ccoyle (Chris) - Sorry not come across your build and cannot see it in the index. Maybe you could show me where to find it as would like to see your build. Regards Doug
  4. Hi - progress update. Guns fully rigged although I haven't seen anyone do the rear rigging so far so maybe I'm missing a trick here. Thank you for your kind comments Blue Ensign and Edwardkenway but I feel my rigging is a bit clumsy and not realistic - maybe make the rope hang more naturally or frapp them (hopefull right term). Blocks look too large. Other bits and pieces added -cleats, belaying racks (possible should be fitted slightly higher), timberheads and catheads (dry fitted). Pumps made - although it took a few
  5. Hello Liam Have fun doing the rigging of the cannons - very fiddly 🙂 Used 0.75 thread for main restraining rope and 0.10 for the other bits. Nice to see another Sherbourne. Regards Doug
  6. Hello - an update on the cannons. Now nearly completed rigged up - just the rear set up to do. First I had small hooks attached made from very small eyelets to the 2mm blocks but when put in place the blocks were just about touching so just fixed eyelet into carriage side and bulwark. Difficult not to make it all a bit out of scale and clumsy. Have filled the rather bad holes in winch. Thanks for looking in and the encouraging comments and likes. Regards D
  7. Hello - a quick update as I am awaiting on some bits to rig the cannons. The cannon carriages are from Chris Watton - so thank you Edwardkenway for your help there. Like the detail to the wheels. Hatches made and placed in situ not glued as yet plus some other deck fittings. Some rather bad square holes put in the winch🙁 Thank you for looking in and the comments / likes. KevW good luck with your Sherbourne - look forward to seeing it. Regards Doug
  8. Sorry - just realised it was Chuck Passaro I contacted and not Chris so I will try Chris Watton. Thank you for all for your help. Regards Doug
  9. Hello Edwardkenway - yes I asked Chris but he said he doesn’t have anything that size (3 pounder) and didn’t think anywhere else would. I will look on his site again - maybe the smallest size carriage he does might be okay as the kit supplied carriages look a little bit small for the barrels and fiddly to fully rig. Thank you.
  10. Okay - quite a few steps on. Hull painted white as you can see. Rudder pintells etc made from scrap brass with small drops of pva glue to simulate bolts or at least trying to. Name placed on stern - not painted just kept it brass. Was tricky to do as letters are in italics and being placed on a curve the left half of the word always looked more upright than the right half which looked like it was leaning more. Constantly was scrambling on the floor looking for lost letters - was wondering at times if I might have to shorten the name or come up with something differ
  11. Hello - Hull nearly complete with the wale attached. The Wale was a little tricky but got there. For some reason the Keel was a fraction too short - probably due to my dodgy build work - so a bit was added. Capping rail in place plus trim. Borrowed from that great builder Dubz - a bit of support / belaying pin rack at the stern which I have since see another builder had the same idea on his Sherbourne. Just wish I could also borrow Dubz's skill........ The Bowsprit opening in place. Th
  12. Hello Duncbe - Gutermann black thread. I use this thread as it’s not fuzzy but the method is probably frowned upon as everyone uses pencil or something similar on the edges. Using the thread makes the caulking look a bit wide (not to scale) but I like it and have used it on all my builds. Thank you for the nice comment Regards Doug
  13. Hello - some further progress. The second hull planking complete. Not brilliant but am painting lower half white so hopefully things might improve. Made a top rail for the stern. It was done from scrap wood in three pieces - first made a template from card. Next will be the wale and keel sections added. Again thanks for looking and the 'Likes' Regards Doug
  14. Hello - a small update. 2nd planking started. Have started where the wale will be so the corner at the stern will easier to deal with and then work up. This left slithers of planking to be added at the stern. Then the inner Bulwarks were done. Not good at filing the gun ports so prior to planking inside and out painted the edges of gun ports of the ply in red so as to keep a check on filing / sanding. I have found myself not following the order of building from the instructions so no doubt this is going to end in tears. Deck planking done.
  15. Hello - a bit further on. The gun port strips added. Next stage first planking. Not pretty but hopefully a good enough base for second planking. It's tempting to keep sanding but risky. Anyway thank you for looking in and the likes on the previous post. Regards Doug
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