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  1. Hello Binho - you possible could try the manufacturer of the kit to supply you with a new keel. Could be worth a try. Regards Doug
  2. Hi - finally finished last rigging sheet (Number 8). Quite a challenge as it got harder to get to or do anything. Thank you landlubber Mike for your comments but in reality this built has not turned out as well as I would like. For example some yards are not aligned perfectly and the Stays are distorted due to attached rigging. Base is temporary while I sort a more suitable sized one and in oak. Sorry if some things I have done are not historically correct. the plans I think show lines to be belayed to the rails but have done them to the Timberheads. Also added a another Cleat as I could not understand how in practice two lines would be tied to one cleat. Next will be the Anchors. Did not think the kit supplied ones were the correct size so bought larger ones. Thanks for looking. Regards Doug
  3. Hello Blue Ensign - okay I will run the sheets and tacks on the outside. Did that at first but thought it wrong as they rubbed up against the standing rigging. SkipW - thanks for looking and your comments. Hope your Pegasus is going well. And thank you Martin for comments. Regards Doug
  4. Hello - things are getting rather harder to do. Having to move slowly with concentrated effort with the rigging and it is harder to tie lines off. Some lines not tied off as they will have to be loosened so as to do the rest of the rigging lines. Some photos. The anchor cables in place. As I did not think far enough ahead and prepare the hatch cover to take the cables I have done the same as in my HM Brig Supply build and put the cables through the deck. Thank you for looking in. Regards Doug
  5. Martin - you are certainly making life difficult for yourself but it’s all looking good. Regards Doug
  6. Thanks Kevin Kenny - good illustrations. Think I will do a knot. Thank you Doug
  7. Many thanks Blue Ensign. Appreciate the reply. Regards Doug
  8. Hi - can anyone please help. Not clear as to how the lines are attached to blocks on the yards? Are they tied to the blocks or go through the block with a knot tied to stop them passing back through? The lines I am referring to have the numbers 48 and 49. Thank you. Doug
  9. Thanks SpyGlass for the explanation. Had to make a correction to my last post - the lantern was a Caldercraft item. Doug
  10. Hello - and thank you for the likes in the previous posting and thank you Busby for your nice comments and I wish you well with your build. Had a go to slightly improve the dip in the Main Stay. The lantern (Caldercraft) and rudder chain. Bobstays and Bowsprit Shrouds done and so that is Sheet 11 all done. My heart sank once I studied Sheet 12 as there was so much more rigging and it was already getting hard not to lean on existing lines without a fair chance of some damage. Start of Sheet 12 with a Tack Toggle. Not sure if you can see it clearly in picture and not sure what the Tack Toggle does. It looks like a quick release system perhaps. Lines to the rail have all gone through a deck ring before being tied off to the rail. Have added more eyelets than were originally asked for. Thanks for looking. Regards Doug
  11. Hello - further steps forward. Top yards attached using smaller Parral bits from my Supply build. Netting in place. Not sure about the style of the netting. Hoist for Ship's boat. Annoyed that I was not able to keep the Stay from sagging. Boom and Gaff are now in place. The Gaff lift line has been tied off to a belaying pin to the side on deck and not as plans to the belaying set up at base of mast. Another overall view Thank you for looking and the 'Likes' - much appreciated. Regards Doug
  12. Hello - the progress so far is some yards are up and in position. Not exactly parallel as yet but hopefully will be once fully rigged. Parral set up - seems slightly on the big size. For the top yards will use some left over from my Supply build which are smaller. The Crossjack Tie on the mizzen mast was done slightly different from instructions. Took the centre block off and tried to copy what was illustrated in my book. the Thimbles were made from copper tubing. An overall picture. Thank you for looking and the ' Likes' Doug
  13. Now where was I? – Have now completed sheet 10. Had mistakenly headed a photo in my last update (now corrected) as Shifting backstay - not sure why as I had not done them as I had a problem understanding the plans. The photo below shows plans with the Shifting backstay for the Fore mast which as I can see attaches to the Crowsnest area. Anway ignored this and attached as it is for the Main mast. Also was concerned how the lines would interfer with the Shrouds / Ratlines but it turned out not too bad. Did not use the kit supplied Euphroe brass blocks but made some up from a bit of walnut planking – possible they are a bit big. The Boomkins with a slight downward turn. Did in the end find on one of the plans the measurements for them. Thank you for looking and the likes. Regards Doug
  14. Hello SkipW - good to see you have started a log. The thread I used was Gutermann (CA02776) 100% linen - little to no fuzz. Good luck with your build. Regards Doug
  15. Hello Skip - I stick the planks down with a few drops of super glue and the thread is dipped into diluted PVA glue and pulled through a small sponge to get the excess off before laying up against plank. It obviously will be one piece of thread running the full length of the deck with small strips of thread for the end joints between the planks. These small bits will need to have dried before you can cut them so you can do do the next full length. Doug

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