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  1. Preparation of head rails. Now it remains to properly fit the to a model.
  2. Your welcome WackoWolf . I continue with other details on the front part of the main deck. Catheads are already installed, so I can continue with galion.
  3. Hi Alex, nice to see you again. I was very much looking forward to continue your construction. You are doing great work .
  4. Thank you guys for comments, but you are not right now. I'm not satisfied with the already finished parts (lower and upper cheeks), and so I decided to make them again. It's hard for me to explain it with my bad english, but used wood has a distinctive structure across the fiber and on the manufactured parts is this structure too visible. I had to choose another orientation of parts on wood. A few minor details is completed - wash cant, gammonig chock, bolster nad lining in the hawse holes.
  5. Thank you druxey . Now I started the most complicated part of the model for me - the galion. In this moment is completed only the "easy" part - lower and upper cheeks
  6. Thank you guys, I´m very glad that you like my build. Your positive comments are the driving force to further stages of construction for me. I'll try to disappoint your expectations . Today only few photos of details on the outside of the hull.
  7. Thanks to all for very nice comments. To RedDawg - blackening solution is desribed in post #206, with regard to nuts and bolts I used the following parts that simulate bolts and nuts: http://www.litomysky.cz/kadee/kad088.htm. So the guns are finally done, rigging will be added immediately prior to installation aboard.
  8. Thank you Greg. After painting are the carriages ready for attaching of guns.
  9. Thank you guys. Because I have no duplicator, I had to turn each gun separately (many time and many destroyed material). Details of carriages added.
  10. To Allan - the monogram is not my production, these are made by "etching" company (http://www.etchworks.cz/). Normally are parts etched simultaneously from both side, here is etching made only from one side. Before gluing is necessary to roughen both surfaces (eg. tweezers) then glue adheres well (I had to repair two pieces from 20). The solution for blackening - heated solution water and patina for Tiffany technique (ratio 50 : 1) (http://www.vensy.cz/vensy/eshop/12-1-Tiffany-technika-cinovani/31-2-Chemie-pro-cinovani/5/345-Patina-cerna-tiffany-technika) Carriages assembly.
  11. Monogram is etched from brass 0,2 mm and glued with CA. The blackening of guns is done a I started preparation of parts for gun carriages.
  12. Thank you guys . I added pins and royal emblems on the barrels and they are now ready for blackening.
  13. So the guns are finally done. Now I do not want to see a lathe for a long time.
  14. Wyzwyk, Alex and druxey - thanks for nice comments. I started the gun "production". In this moment is done the easier part, the more difficult is still ahead of me.
  15. Hi to all, so after a long break back to "work" . To Tom - used wood is boxwood and steamed pear To Nigel - No, I don´t. To Greg - I had to instal the hanging knees before beams due colloring of inner bulwarks, but I like it. To aviaamator - sorry for flaws. I agree that real part of deck is little bit simplified because the interior will not be visible. Sorry for delay with reply. As another part I chose the production of guns. Guns will be turned from brass, the problem is that turning is a completely new thing for me and so far I'm learning it. I've ruined so much material over and spent so much time that would be cheaper to buy finished guns. On the other side it is the great challange for me. I hope that in a few days I will be able to "show" some result. For now at least I prepared various eyelets and hooks.
  16. Hi Daniel, the blue color is acrylic paint from czech producer (http://obchod.agama-model.cz/cz-detail-235034-r29-p-tmava-sedomodra.html). Aft cabin bulkheads are finished and installed on the deck.
  17. Thanks to all for very nice comments. To toms10: The lettering is made with scroll saw. The same procedure is used for ornaments (with some hand carvings). To EdT: I am very happy that you like my work because YOU are the true master on this forum . I started with preparation of aft cabin bulkheads.
  18. Thanks to all guys . Stern gradually begins to fill up. There remains to stick ships name and some moldings and the stern will be completely finished.
  19. Thanks guys for nice comments. To wyzwyk: Sorry, I did not good understand your questiuon. Could you please explain what did you mean?
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